'06 Roster

Brent Winebarger, NORBA Pro

Dave Harris, NORBA Semi-Pro, Ultra Endurance Specialist

Miles Venzara, NORBA Pro

Greg Lewis, NORBA Pro

Lynda Wallenfels, accomplished international pro, endurance specialist, and coach

Andrew Ferguson, Elite Masters rider

Ralph Winebarger, Elite Masters cyclist and owner of Cottonwood Cycles in Farmington, NM

Ben Kraushaar, 2005 NORBA XC National Champion, JrX 15-16

Ian Burnett went straight from JrX to Semi-Pro in '05

Mitch Moreman, Cat 1 roadie, NORBA Pro, climbing ace

Sabina Kraushaar, NORBA Pro

Teal Stetson-Lee, firefighter, previous junior olympian, cyclocross superfreak

Rob Trudeaux, more talent than time

Rick Callies, strong voice for all things audible

Ken Armstrong, CFO, 'The Captain'

Thanks for all the fish

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Team HealthFX is now one for the history books.  It's been a great few years and many thanks to the sponsors, and super special thanks to Shane Ellison and Ken Armstrong for helping make the team what it has been the last few seasons.

Dave and Lynda's blog has moved to http://2-epic.com/.  Some of the more popular posts will be migrated to their new site but not all of it...

Some of the guys - Andrew, Ken, Greg, Miles - are forming a new team.  You can follow their exploits at www.teamdirectoryplus.com.

I'll keep this site up for awhile...until it's time to renew with the web host.

Rider Squak

  • So long, farewell.

    With a curtsy and a sunset I bid this blog farewell. Life moves on. See you all over at www.2-epic.com my new bloggie home....
    01-30-2008, 10:54 PM by Lynda to Lynda
  • The revolution has come

    ...and without further ado, you'll find it here:  http://2-epic.com/.  This is where Lynda and I will be sharing our journeys, ramblings, thoughts, stumblings...like all sites it's a work in progress.  We'll fill it out in time. In the...
    01-30-2008, 11:33 AM by Dave to Dave
  • (R)evolution

    Since 2001 there's this core group of guys I've been loosely training and racing with.  We've bundled our interests together, shared the enthusiasm, and made a team of it.  The name has changed over the years - Gojus, 505 Trek, HFX - but the...
    01-24-2008, 6:15 AM by Dave to Dave
  • Togwotee

    Tomorrow is the start of a race of a different ilk:  the Togwotee Winter Classic.  This is a bike race in the mountains of Wyoming.  In January.  Dave Byers has the GPX up on the race site.  Here's what I get for the profile...
    01-18-2008, 4:55 PM by Dave to Dave
  • Camp Lynda Digested

    It has taken me a few days to fully digest what a smashing success the camp was. I for one had a superb time. During the whole three days there was a buzz and excitement from all participants. We had about 27 riders. Most came along for 2 days....
    01-16-2008, 8:45 PM by Lynda to Lynda
  • Camp Lynda done, over and out

    It sure was nice to have ~25 folks join us for a long weekend of training.  We got to show off some of the lesser known great rides in the area along with some of the more popular ones.  Today was the finale.  The route had optional sections...
    01-14-2008, 8:06 PM by Dave to Dave
  • Camp Lynda Day Two - Yeehah

    Head count at the start today was 24 riders. One casualty from yesterday - gore, blood, broken finger with bone through skin - get better quick Branden. Ride stats for me today 5:04, 52 miles, 6k climbing, 294 TSS, 0.77 IF. Dave Nice made a few...
    01-13-2008, 3:52 PM by Lynda to Lynda
  • Day One Camp Lynda - Done, tick, fab

    Beauty day despite skipping the big loop in favor of and out and back to avoid the muck up by Danish Ranch. 55 miles, 5:07, 305 TSS was my ride tally. I'm a wee bit tired now. We started off with about 25 riders. Most folks split off into...
    01-12-2008, 4:40 PM by Lynda to Lynda
  • Camp Lynda day 1 in the books

    A great group of riders showed for the first annual Camp Lynda.  Great conditions, sunny skies, good times were on the menu.  Not everyone rode the exact same route, but my stats were 56 miles6319' vert4:52 ride time338 TSS (yikes!) You've...
    01-12-2008, 4:36 PM by Dave to Dave
  • Recursive bootstrapping to form

    Extreme geek alert! More than I can recall  there have been suggestions that I just toss the gears away once and forall.  Finit.  Single is simple.  Liberating.  But...it ain't gonna happen.  Here's why. Like all of us...
    01-11-2008, 7:00 AM by Dave to Dave

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Dave and Lynda win TransRockies! Check out their post race ruminations. Lynda's blog, Dave's blog.

Brent podiums at Brian Head NORBA national super D event!

Dave and Lynda's Trans Rockies bid highlighted in the Durango Herald

Stars and stripes for Ben! Durango Herald article

Team HealthFX makes strong showing at E100 events

Dave & Lynda both set new records at the 12 hour event. Cyclingnews article

Dave Harris' 26 vs. 29 inch challenge on Cyclingnews.com

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