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All we can imagine is very easy to imagine - in general terms - it looks like depression, how a person feels in its process than it ends and what the consequences entail. But what do we know about the mechanism of depression?Scientists from the Institute of Psychiatry at the Max Planck Society obsessed with this topic, the first researchers interested in the question: what chemical processes occur in the body in a period of depression and how to act on these drugs? The basis decided to take the drug seroquel - fairly well-known and popular antidepressant, which the mechanism of action seems to be studied.However, pre-worth stipulate here what moment: study - and many - the past few years have shown that in depression there is a genetic predisposition (40 cases out of 100 - for men, 30 cases out of 100 - for women), and, in fact, there is some the particular gene responsible for the activation of this state. Blame mutations / changes in the genes - some - and not the fact that these mutations man received from his parents (as a hereditary disease), they are added often, are formed during the life of the individual - under the influence of various factors.Sure, such discoveries have caused an avalanche of questions to which there is no precise and detailed, all-encompassing answer. Not until the end of the calculated entire group of genes that can mutate so not very clear links between them, as well as nerve cells and synapses - contacts between them; unclear encoded receptors or proteins, which are precisely the signals in the nerve networks. And in general, what kind of stress factors which specific conditions trigger the molecular-genetic process, and why in some cases, people are able to cope with it on their own - the forces of the body, and in some - do not even try to fight back, sinking deeper and deeper into his fortune, closing of all the world safer. Questions - Sea. However, the depression for many years quite successfully treated.

In most cases power files are in .wko format.  This requires Cycling Peaks Software power training software.  They offer a 2 week free trial at the above link.  This software package has no peer in the world of power file analysis - thus we don't waste time  with the native power meter software.

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Here's a .wko of the White Rim the day after Thank...
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This file shows what power is like for L5 workouts...
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Power file is in .wko format (www.cyclingpeakssoft...
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The final WR ride for '05: #6 and the 2nd in 2 day...
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This files shows the type of power I typically see...
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Please note that you'll need Cycling Peaks softwar...
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4 Peaks road outside of Phoenix.  Roughly 11,...
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Last big ride at the end of big build week for 24-...
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