Diabetes Januvia

Symptoms of the disease

The special deceit in this disease is the difficulty in identifying the symptoms of diabetes. This is particularly true for the second diabetes type. Its distinguishing feature is definitely possible to recognize a significantly lower predictability than in the first type of diabetes. Its symptoms are a manifestation of their own development and at considerable intervals. Moreover, they are behind sitagliptin package insert and in quantitative terms and in a variety of severity. It allowed longer periods, sometimes up to several years, in rare cases - for life when the patient still remains in the dark about their own disease.

Among the first signs of the disease, based on historical and practical medical experience, should be classified as a few notable moments in appearance. To begin with there is the inexplicable dryness of the skin. There is a feeling of constant itching, skin infections follow one after the other, at the same time, even minor wounds take longer to heal than previously. There are some problems with the lower limbs, in which there is numbness, the convulsive phenomena. It is also possible manifestation of a certain blurred vision.

To these problems is added the excessive thirst, coupled with frequent urination, drowsiness, fatigue. Everything else is not as diabetes symptoms in women, and the second type. Actually in the main component of the signs of the sores on gender differ only in a part of the development and progression of the disease. In women, initial symptoms are primarily associated with obesity, and in the men's version the first thing affected internal systems and organs. Yes, and the consequences of a negative impact on sexual function and fertility. The fundamental part of the signs of diabetes in men special fundamental differences do not matter. Similarly, perhaps a manifestation of influenza-like symptoms, cases of hair loss in the lower extremities, associated with their increased growth on the face. There is in many cases the appearance of the body of the small yellow nodules. Another symptom of diabetes in men can appear associated with frequent urination, inflammation of the foreskin - balanoposthitis.

In diabetes the first type of the disease symptoms are somewhat different. In other cases, they simply appear in a strengthened version. So, for example, when a similar thirst frequent urination becomes truly unquenchable. There is a combination of lack of capacity of the kidneys to filter more excessive blood sugar. Then there is the need for additional fluid, dissolving sugar, hence the constant filling of the bladder, frequent urination, dehydration and body's need for new liquid portion to restore the disturbed water balance.

Furthermore, the symptoms of diabetes in women, however, as men added vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and increases a feeling of weakness. All of these "charms" are accompanied by increased irritability, constant hunger and weight loss, at constant normal, and sometimes increased food consumption. With regard to the loss of weight of conditions, there is the main culprit - the thyroid gland by stopping the production of insulin. In search of a new source of energy the body itself is destroyed, spending for this purpose its own muscle and fat tissue. For the same reason there are signs of rapid fatigue and weakness.

It should focus on the essential difference in the external symptoms: rapid weight loss for patients of the first type of diabetes and obesity - for the second. In both cases, the nervous system is destroyed at a consistently high amount of sugar in the blood, in particular, suffer from this is certainly true, the nerve endings in them that manifests itself in numbness and tingling. In medicine it is called neuropathy.


To date, the development of medical science highlights some plausible reasons for the origin and further development of diabetes. Most often it comes to genetic predisposition, certain diseases that affect the cells responsible for insulin production. This is primarily sores pancreas, as well as problems with the other endocrine glands. Many are inclined to obesity a significant role in the occurrence of diabetes. Fixed a sufficient number of cases in which any viral infection, whether rubella, influenza, hepatitis, chicken pox, etc., gave impetus to diabetes. Plus, the manifestation of diabetes contribute to stressful situations and age-related changes in the body.

However, one must note with regret that for certain causes of diabetes as long as both types have not been established. Accordingly, a special universal cure, who would not declared, does not exist. However, many citizens of the average honestly mistaken, considering the cause of diabetes, excessive consumption of sweets. A particular benefit of this body is not, as well as from any overeating, but also to cope with the problem of internal organs and systems of a healthy person is quite capable. Another thing is when that individual is there a certain predisposition to diabetes ailment or is already in the initial stage of the invisible. Then the excessive sweetness can speed up the process.

There is an opinion among professionals that lead to the development of specific antibodies that destroy the pancreatic cells for diabetes of the first type should be considered as the main cause of failure in the body's immune system. There is some merit to mention that there are special reasons for diabetes, a dedicated secondary form. It arises and continues to develop on the basis of already becoming available diseases of the endocrine system. This diabetes is also called symptomatic. Foremost among these reasons - problems with the pancreas. Further diseases associated with hormonal disorders. Plus, this was modified insulin receptors, some drugs and chemicals, as well as some genetic syndromes character.

In a special article released gestational diabetes. Here, the root cause is often referred to insufficient and improper diet. This is called gestational diabetes. The essence of the problem situation that a sufficient amount of insulin and even its abundance in the blood of the expectant mother its effect is partly blocked by additional placental hormones. In this state, substantially reduces the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which is produced by the body. A sugar level increases slightly (after childbirth, he somehow returns to normal, but at some stage it provokes gestational diabetes), which creates a relative insulin deficiency. Under these conditions, the pancreas does not always cope with the increased tasks, which leads to the disease.

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