Heartburn: Symptoms and Treatment

Heartburn - a burning sensation in the chest, which is accompanied by varying degrees of discomfort symptoms, and is one of the main symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases. Often there immediately or within an hour after eating. The most common reasons for the expression of such feelings is eating too much or too spicy food. This disorder can occur even in people who have never suffered from care centerheartburn. To this group includes pregnant women. Doctors point out that of the four pregnant women, three of them are showing signs of heartburn

Heartburn causes difficulty swallowing, increased release of gas or nausea. These and other features of the disease can last for from a few minutes to two or three hours. In some cases, the discomfort may appear so much that a person can not sleep.

Often this disease can worsen depending on the position of the body. If an attack of heartburn a person caught in a horizontal position, this indicates serious problems in the esophagus, as well as gastritis or gastric ulcer. Independently diagnose heartburn a person who has no relation to medicine, it is not recommended, as the signs of the disease can be confused with other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or heart.

Early treatment can permanently rid a person of frequent symptoms of the disease. But long ignoring heartburn can lead to several complications, including esophageal cancer. The most common way of treating heartburn is a soda, but not all doctors believe in the efficacy of such therapy. In order to find out what helps heartburn and additional consultations, it is best to contact the therapist.


The causes of heartburn are quite diverse. The main reason for the emergence of this pathological condition is a throw of gastric juice into the esophagus. Other sources of heartburn are:

  • excessive consumption of oily and spicy food;

  • Obesity, with only a certain type - in which fat accumulates only in the abdomen;

  • absorption or alcoholic carbonated beverages in large quantities;

  • reflux disease - characterized by getting into the esophagus of the stomach contents;

  • acute forms of gastritis;

  • stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer;

  • the effects of surgical intervention;

  • inflammation of the gallbladder and pancreas; the formation of stones;

  • Gastrointestinal cancer;

  • hernia of the esophagus;

  • constant stress;

  • strong physical activities that people perform immediately after a meal.

  • Break between meals and any kind of stress on the body, should not be less than fifteen minutes;

  • taking certain drugs that increase the level of acidity;

  • antidepressant and sedative agents;

  • the weakness of the muscle of the esophagus structures;

  • uncomfortable clothes too pressing on his stomach - narrow at the waist jeans or tighten the belt.

We should also mention such a cause heartburn, such as pregnancy, in which such disorder may occur due to a large number of hormones or due to pressure on the fruit's esophagus and stomach. Often it appears in the second half of pregnancy and can last from a few minutes to an hour. After birth, symptoms of heartburn are not so strongly expressed, or disappear altogether. What to do with heartburn in pregnancy and how to properly treat a woman should learn from consultation with a professional.

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