Overweight: types and causes of overweight

Reasons related to food - a lot of fat and sugar in the diet, irregular meals, food is rare, frequent abundant feast, and so on buy xenical online.

Reasons connected with physical activity - sedentary, sedentary work ...

Reasons related to our psycho-emotional state - stress, worries, anguish, when the food, especially the paint, to become "medicine" of a bad mood.

Typically some combination of all these causes are present. Moreover, they are clearly interact to enhance each other. For example a person enough sleep and, therefore, all the time is in a bad mood. From Depression "treated" excessively oily food. After the meal, sleepy, of course, he was not up to walking and charges. But inactivity itself prevents compliance with the rules of good nutrition: boring, of course, it's tempting to eat. Kilograms grow. Naturally, there is a desire to get rid of them. It is a series of attempts to "sit" on a diet. The fact that you can not even cope with them and to lose weight, increases anxiety and depression, and therefore the need for food, as in medicine ...

And yet, in each case we can see the predominance of any one reason: There are roughly giperfagicheskuyu form associated with the apparent excess of supply, hypodynamic related more to a lack of mobility and energy consumption and psychogenic form, the reason for which a change in food behavior under stress and depression.

This separation is important to us. After all, on what is the reason prevails (in medicine say - is the lead), and depend on some features of the process, and, most importantly, depend on our approach to weight loss.

Giperfagicheskaya form of excess weight

We will not dissemble, at the basis of the weight increase is always the so-called positive energy balance - the prevalence of energy coming from food, over the energy consumed. But in any case, should not burn all the fat people in the glutton (the language of science - giperfagiki, from the Latin - a hyper - excessive, excessive and fagia - nutrition, food intake). Fat people often do not eat more than the average, but there is always more than they need. After all, excess weight can arise not only from an excess of supply, but also from a lack of mobility. Nevertheless, gluttons, that is, people who consume more food than the average, common among obese people. They are not much, about 15-20%. And I must say that the situation is quite favorable for weight loss. We can say the most favorable of all. But before let's say even move on to specific advice about this. Group gluttons uniform.

Gluttons for beliefs

Recall Porthos. It could serve as a typical representative of this group. Thick, noisy, happy and cheerful. Life, in its opinion, it is a holiday, and therefore all should be a lot, including food. Restaurants, noisy feast. Often these people and they like to cook. But it is not everyday food, and fancy dishes, festive. Men are improved in the preparation of meat. Women in the preparation of cakes and pastries. In general, a permanent holiday belly. With the known consequences.

Gluttons on the circumstances

These people have to have something to give. And if you give them mainly fatty and sweet foods, the weight is quite a can be increased. For example, she married a young man, he moved to live in his wife's family. Mother-in-law cooks. Leave uncomfortable. Kilograms grow. Or at work decided to go to a business lunch in a restaurant. And it turns out that for a meal he consumes more than half of the total calories, laid him on the day. Or the position of a person such that his name is constantly in the restaurant, at the corporate parties. He would not go, but he is afraid of trouble at work. Unlike the previous type, to eat it, in general, indifferent. Eat that gave, but affect your diet may not: afraid of problems and conflicts.

Gluttons of ignorance

They, like gluttons on the circumstances, a special holiday food not found. Get fat from most ordinary everyday food, which, because of their life circumstances was too fatty and sweet. But unlike them, affect their food can. Or prepare themselves, or can easily negotiate with those who are preparing them.

Identify giperfagicheskuyu form, in general, easy. It is enough to ask for anything in his power without changing the story a few days food diary. There we find, Fast and excesses, and an abundance of sweets, and frequent trips to restaurants ...

Total contrast giperfagikov - they fully preserved mobility and, therefore, well, sometimes sometimes excessively developed muscle tissue. This, incidentally, can be identified by bioimpedance analysis of body composition. Giperfagiki like to move, do not shy away from physical work. Plus, they usually do not have big psychological problems, and certainly there is so characteristic of psychogenic forms of the phenomenon - the rise of weight associated with stress, emotions, depression, and so on. However, I must warn you giperfagicheskaya form is unstable. Sooner or later, people will pay attention to your weight, feel its weight, upset, will try to somehow fix it all, feel a sense of dissatisfaction with himself, dissatisfaction with life. As a consequence, after some time can join the phenomenon so characteristic of psychogenic form - a series of diets, breakdowns, self-flagellation, and ... further increase in weight. But not because the person is too like his life, but on the contrary, because she did not like it ..

Since the main problem is the gluttons eating disorders, and the correction of the excess weight they should mainly use it is their feeding behavior and preferences in the choice of dishes. When correcting the power they lose weight very well. After all, physical activity, and hence the energy consumption they are stored in full. Often they observed a spontaneous weight loss: change style food, went on vacation, rabout changed, my wife and I began to live separately from Tiffany and watch for a year and a half of weight without any diet kk approached normal. I would not advise them to immediately resort to dieting aid. It would come up rules to reduce daily caloric 25-30 percent, but at the same time causing any discomfort. For example, you can eat more often, you can follow the choice of dishes, choosing less fatty foods and limiting how much work, fat consumption. You can try to eat slowly to dispense small portions, and so on. In conjunction with toning exercises such programs make it easy to drop weight of 3-4 kg per month and generate stable eating pattern that protects a person from re-gaining weight. Certain nuances in tactics may occur depending on the type of gluttons. If this glutton by conviction, when the focus should be given to the preservation of the quality of food it is. It should sotavatsya delicious, elegant, festive, save, though not in the same quantity, treat. Many of them in the future begin to take pleasure in the healthy lifestyle, involved in fitness.

With giperfagikom in the circumstances it is necessary to spend time on the development of all sorts of notions that allow them to "tight" circumstances of life to consume less fat and sugar.

Gluttons unknowingly, usually do not cause any problems. Just explain to them or their "breadwinner" how to eat properly, and they are easy to move to a new food.

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