Infertility in women

Symptoms and causes of infertility in women

Infertility - a terrible problem faced by some women and the family. It is necessary to say at once that the success of treatment and return of fertility abilities - to some extent, is a psychological factor, therefore it is necessary to reject order clomid online fear and sadness to one side, adjust itself to a positive wave and take the most troublesome: the constant attendance of doctors and work on themselves.

The main problem is that the longer a problem, the more difficult to diagnose and e installed causes of infertility in women. Especially a problem for women who are over 30: one year separates from doctors make an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Causes of female infertility can be very different. Let us cite some of them, perhaps, is the information will be useful to you, and you'll find your symptoms of infertility in women.

Infertility due to ovarian dysfunction

In 20 percent of cases of ovarian dysfunction is a result of violation of the production of hormones between the pituitary and hypothalamic systems. As a result of violations of the ovaries stop producing the hormones needed to its periodicity, which leads to enhanced or on the contrary, weakened the ACU

As a result, the follicle does not develop as had, and egg can not even mature. Ovarian dysfunction due to incorrect operation of the hypothalamus and pituitary occurs as a result of head injuries, external disruptions pituitary.

The cause of female infertility: ovulation disorders

If the frequency of menstruation for more than 40 days, or less than three weeks - that it is mandatory to visit a doctor, because there is a chance that the egg is viable.

The most common cause of female infertility due to impaired or absent ovulation for a long time creates the conditions in which the ovaries stop producing capable of developing follicles. This means that the body is unable to produce healthy and sustainable egg ready for fertilization.

Female infertility due to polycystic ovary

As a result of polycystic ovary in the body begin hormonal disturbances leading to a change in the work of the ovaries themselves. Symptoms of this disease are tracked easily:

  • Anogyny

  • Active hair growth

  • The change in frequency of the menstrual cycle

  • The complete absence of ovulation

  • FSH is significantly reduced production, while, as the hormone testosterone and estrogen are in the normal range.

Insufficient FSH stimulates release of not ready for conversion into the egg follicles, with the result that there is no possibility of getting pregnant. Also begins the formation of numerous cysts, the size of which is about 5-10 mm. This is easily observed by ultrasonography. As a result - the ovaries are affected, they are covered by the new white layer, resulting in their actual size doubles, and through this shield can not get through the egg.

What you can do

Treatment besplodiyadolzhno held competent gynecologist or urologist. Do not self-medicate! Do not resort to alternative medicine! If you are in vain trying to conceive for over a year, you should always consult a doctor. Procrastination can be dangerous and lead to irreparable consequences.

What can a doctor

It is necessary to correctly find the cause of infertility. Surveying men includes inspection and palpation of the male genital organs, digital prostate examination, ultrasound examination of the prostate and testicles. The most informative method for studying male fertility is a semen analysis. In preparation for analysis, should be to minimize smoking and alcohol consumption (semen quality declines), you need 3-5 day abstinence from sexual activity.

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