Method Carlson

The essence of the game of roulette at the Carlson method

The method in the selection of one of two groups of numbers to bet, that is put on an equal chance. In the "large" or "small" numbers 1-18 or 19-36. Underage kids under 18 (in this case inclusively), and 36 is the "man in the prime of life."

The advantage of this method from the other strategies of the roulette game is the visibility, the presence of specific "reference images". This is his revolutionary Unlike amateur recommendations on the use of intuition or divination techniques in the game. "Calm, not panic!", - Carlson's motto is also very relevant. In addition, he used a long rubber band of cowards, to "encircle" the computer monitor. For the basic variant of the method - for online games online roulette.

Required tools and rules of the game of roulette at the Carlson system

Equipment or material provision process is a rubber band, dividing the roulette table on the monitor in half. Sometimes it is necessary to pull it diagonally to visually divide Manque and Passe. You will also need a piece of paper and a toothpick.

So, gum divides the playing field before the screen is a sheet of paper, is also a straight line divided into two parts. The process of guessing demonstrated Comrade Sukhov at the beginning of the film "White Sun of the Desert". There he draws a line in the sand and drops on her shoulder blade. We will drop a toothpick in advance with the installation, that the direction of the fall will indicate (!) Appearance of the marker-dolly on one of the halves of the table.

Determine values: the right side of the sheet - 19-36, the left side of the sheet - 1-18. In his imagination, combine the values ​​of these fields, and images of objects with the sides of the sheet, laying this division in his consciousness. Then take a toothpick and, holding her very tip of two fingers held vertically, directly above the line on a sheet of paper, so that the second tip "looked" directly on line. Clearly formulate the question, mentally we combine the image of the object of interest with a toothpick, and then releasing it from his fingers. Where shown toothpick - on the right or on the left side of the sheet? Accordingly, we have received the answer: "small" or "large".

If the technical process is adjusted and calibrated, you can try variations for the best individual fit. Here and doubling gets sense. Although, in time discrepancies are eliminated rigorous process intervals, which can be achieved by sliding the audio file with the cycle of roulette games.

It makes sense to include zero in the number of "kids" with additional rates. Promptly treat ingenious body buns and jam - really help the cause. Occasionally you need punishment.

You can use the dowsing tools: frame or swingarm. Also the "sensor" or a coin, but it will not be so clearly and specifically. L-shaped frame or swingarm can even point to the exact location where the marker on the roulette table. This will increase the profitability of the game.

The sensor is a spring pendulum bob on an elastic rod. He works in the "Yes-No" and show the marker can not in the normal horizontal position. But he quickly "hanging" of the pendulum. With online game "live" roulette this will help to keep within a limited time for the betting. If you hold the sensor vertically, the direction it will, of course. The work with these tools, there are dozens of books.

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