Androgenic alopecia

Androgenic alopecia

Male-pattern baldness (doctors say "androgenic alopecia") due to hereditary reasons, and hormonal state of the body. Though if to speak more precisely, this hair loss is mostly seen in men, but is inherited through the maternal. Women have less severe form of propecia overview this type of baldness and usually develops in older age.

Causes of alopecia

Male-pattern baldness (doctors call this "androgenic alopecia") due to hereditary reasons, and hormonal state of the body. Although, to be more precise, this hair loss is mostly seen in men, but is inherited through the maternal line. Male-pattern baldness occurs in the presence of androgen, but it is not known what role is played by male sex hormones.

Women have less severe form of this type of baldness and usually develops in older age.

Depending on the family history of male pattern baldness in males may begin earlier, adolescents, young people aged 20 years and older or middle-aged people. Men who have alopecia begins in the late teens or early 20 years of age tend to have a more pronounced bald than those who lose their hair in the middle age.

Hair loss usually begins gradually. Simultaneously hairline gradually moves to the side of the head to the right and to the left and to the back of the head.

In the end, the hair loss can affect the entire head. In some cases oblysenierazvivaetsya quickly, within a few years.

Symptoms of androgenetic alopecia

The gradual thinning of the hair on the head, reducing the formation of hairline and expanding field of lost hair (bald) on the top and back of the head.

In some men, as a result of hair loss there is a small area of baldness, usually formed by expanding bald spot from the high forehead, the hairline is preserved only in the area around the ears and neck. In rare cases, the hair falls out completely.

What you can do

Currently, there is no magic bullet or cream that can completely restore the hair. Minoxidil can help only in some cases, but not all.

Stop the progression of baldness male tipunevozmozhno, but you can slow down the process of fortifying agent and good care.

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and warm water, and finally rinse with cool water.

Use a brush for hair with soft bristles. Avoid combing wet hair, since the bristles can weaken and damage the hair.

Avoid exposure to hot hair dryer hair tools for perms and coloring.

If you can use the growing bald patch hair. With careful use means for attachment of the hair, as this may damage your own hair.

Visit your doctor if you are suffering from hair loss, or if you notice any hair loss, which does not correspond to the typical pattern of male pattern baldness, for example, the emergence of several areas of baldness on the head. Medical consultation is required if you decide to hair transplantation or drug therapy.

What can a doctor

Survey and study of family history can help identify the cause of baldness. If male pattern baldness is a problem, the doctor may prescribe a course of minoxidil, which should be applied to the hair every night. The men in whom this drug is effective, the new hair is usually thinner and thicker than normal hair. It takes several months to determine whether Minoxidil is effective in each case. To maintain the effect should continue to use lotion. After the cessation of treatment for hair loss continues. Diagnosis is based on visual inspection area of ​​hair loss for a typical scheme. Treatment depends on how the presence of baldness affects emotional state. For men who see bald as normal for his age, there is no need for therapy. If hair loss is a personality disorder, it is possible to apply various cosmetic, medical and surgical treatments.

When hair transplant small areas of the skin with healthy hair transplanted from the side areas of the head or back of the head on the balding area. Surgical treatment is usually carried out in stages.

The use of the drug minoxidil, which has the ability to enhance the growth of hair on the head and other parts of the body (originally developed as a means for lowering blood pressure). Approximately 1/3 of the men treated with minoxidil, there was a significant increase in hair growth, another third of a slight increase in hair growth.

Some men use false hair that look like the real thing.

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