Impotence REASONS

Impotence: REASONS

The reasons that trigger impotence specialists distributed into several groups, which allows them to allocate the following options: vascular disorders; endocrine disorders; neurological disorders; violation of medication; violation of local type.

These options correspond to the already discussed our organic nature of the disease in which the impotence how to use viagra. is the result of abnormalities in the normal functioning of an organ (system) in the male body. From diseases that provoke the development of impotence in men are the following: hypertension, atherosclerosis, low testosterone (hypogonadism), multiple sclerosis, diabetes, spinal cord injury.

Turning to the impotence provoked diseases of genitals, there are three main forms arising in the background of the impact of these types of factors, disorders associated with endocrine function of the testes; relevance diseases on seed tubercle and prostate; mechanical causes (penile disease, injury or congenital malformations).

In the first case of the disease endocrine nature of origin, against which reduced sex hormone production by the testes leads to a concomitant weakening of the sex drive. This type of testicular abnormalities may be congenital in nature (hypoplasia of the testes), they can also be acquired in childhood (when transferred bilateral orchitis or mumps, with scarring and atrophy in patients with testicular) or in adulthood (testicular trauma, the transfer of orchitis, age-related changes accompanying the onset of older or elderly).

 With regard to the second form, in which are considered relevant to the patient's disease seed tubercle or the prostate gland, then they, in turn, linked or with the presence of deviations from normal sexual life (which means that it contains sexual excesses, activities related to artificial prolongation of sexual act or its interruption, as well as frequent masturbation), or with third party infection (prostatitis postgonoreyny posttrihomonadny or other of its forms). In addition, can play a role other type of cause (prostate adenoma, inactive lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, etc.).

Mechanical causes, related to the third form, define this type of diseases of the penis or anomalies, in which a mechanical level, there is no possibility of its introduction into the vagina.

However, as also noted in the majority of such violations observed infrequently. Accordingly, this determines that inherently impotence mostly - psychosomatic dysfunction scale. Early impotence is also regarded it as regards compliance with this reason. After eliminating the factors directly associated with the occurrence of this problem, erection in men, as well as the ability to commit their full sexual intercourse fully be restored.

There are some options for impotence, corresponding to a particular age period. So marked early impotence is mainly psychogenic (up to age 30 years). During the middle-aged (30 to 50 years) impotence is advantageously spinal, ie develops in the seed tubercle and prostate diseases, and on the background of the depletion of the respective centers in the spinal cord, by which the management of erection and ejaculation. Impotence in men 50 years and older nature of endocrine pathology, it is connected with the age-related decrease relevant to testicular hormonal function.

As an aggravating factor in the impotence determined abuse of tobacco and alcohol. Based on studies revealed in particular that leads to inhibition of nicotine in brain sexual centers, thereby, in turn, is subject to weakening and erection. No less negative is and influence of alcohol - here the impact is directed in particular on the sex glands (prostate and testicles). On the basis of experiments conducted on animals revealed that chronic alcoholism causes fatty degeneration of the sexual glands and their subsequent atrophy. Such changes, in turn, become a cause of partial or complete extinction, and all the men of sexual potency. In addition to this effect is also observed for men alcohol at which the feminization them (in other words, it is - effeminate). This is accompanied by hair loss, obesity is on the female type, and so on. The effect of alcohol on the central nervous system is, as a consequence, impotence can have a subsequent spinal or cortical origin.

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