Exercise for weight loss - how to choose a set

To lose weight is not enough just to go to a gym or fitness center, and there perform fast weight loss methods any exercise program. It would seem that it is an axiom, but many people ignore it and therefore do not lose weight. Experts in the field of sports and a healthy diet note - for weight loss is important to choose those kinds of physical activity, those exercises that allow you to burn fat more effectively.

Modern fitness centers offer us a wide variety of strength training and cardio. But a set of good to achieve quick results is in terms of weight loss - it is a question of interest to many women. After all, not all is well imagined than cardio different from power and what kind of exercise program is the most effective for weight loss. Let's try to understand this question!

Exercise for weight loss - what is the difference

Consider than fundamentally different power systems and cardio exercises to lose weight.Let's take a closer look than fundamentally different power systems and cardio exercises to lose weight. So strength training involve the use of special weighting equipment, such as dumbbells. They are aimed primarily at strengthening the muscles, ridding them from sagging, improving form. Cardio occur without the use of weighting and, as is evident from their very names such training activities are designed to improve the cardiovascular system. By this kind of fitness are aerobics, jogging, training on a stationary bike, etc.

Now that we have understood the concepts needed to understand exactly how to burn fat while one or the other type of training, and, therefore, to understand what a set of exercises for weight loss is needed in your case.

Power systems for weight loss exercises. During power loads accelerates blood flow and stimulates the metabolic processes in the body. And last process continues after the end of the workout. Strength training also require a lot of energy consumption, so that during a workout burns huge amounts of calories. However, if it is a short and very intensive power loads, the body in order to "energy" burns primarily carbohydrates, not fat reserves. But later recuperation is used and fat stores, and this effect lasts for a long time after the power classes.

Kardiokompleksy slimming exercises. What happens to the fat during cardio? Increased oxygen consumption by the body leads to the fact that calories during exercise such active spent with astonishing rapidity, and small weight loss is noticeable even on scales after exercising. But after their body does not require long recovery, however in this case the effect of very short burning fat.

What is the range of slimming exercises to choose

So what do you choose to lose weight which complex: running, swimming, aerobics or exercise in the gym?

So what do you choose to lose weight: jogging, swimming, aerobics or exercise in the gym? Since both he and the other type of fitness has its positive and negative aspects, sensible thing would be to include in the training program of both types of activity. So, with the help of cardio you can quickly burn fat and weight training will allow you to consume calories even after class.

To your weight loss program was most effective, with the start set of strength exercise. Subsequent cardio will enhance the effect of burning fat. You can divide the cardio- and power systems, and practice them in turn. For example, training on a treadmill in the morning will help you get rid of the fat that you have accumulated over the previous day. A part strength training will reduce the overall level of accumulation of fat in the body.

In general, making sets of exercises for weight loss, fitness trainers recommend this approach. If you want to maintain its shape, relieving much weight you do not need, it is better to be based on the cardio. If you need to lose weight on a fair number of kilograms, include a training set of exercises with weights is necessary.

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