How to cure a fungus in the ear: the main symptoms and treatment

Fungal infections can affect virtually all organs of our body. The ear can also be affected. The fungus in the ear (the medical term - otomycosis, «otomycosis») - a fairly common disease in which the ENT organs are affected by microscopic fungi. It occurs in both buy diflucan online children and adults. According to statistics, about 90% of patients received it with fungal diseases.

The fungus in the ear, which is the major causative agent otomycosis, is divided into several types: yeast; musty; particularly pathogenic.

Causes of the fungus in the ear

To date, there are numerous reasons for the emergence of the fungus in the ear. We single out the main factors that contribute to the development otomycosis:

  • a weakened immune system, which is triggered borne diseases and prolonged use of antibiotics;

  • oncological diseases;

  • Some medical disorders, including AIDS, diabetes mellitus;

  • ear canal injury;

  • external ear infections;

  • disregard for personal hygiene;

  • Water ingress into the ear;

  • too intensive cleaning ears using cotton swabs and tampons;

  • use of hormonal drugs.

It is necessary to take into account that getting a fungal infection of the ear can be while visiting the pool. The fungus in the ear spreads pretty quickly. Therefore, treatment should be carried out in a timely manner. The disease spreads and progresses very quickly, because in the ear creates ideal conditions for the growth of fungus.

The symptoms and treatment of fungus in the ear

The fungus is quite a serious disease. In some situations, it takes much harder than the other ear inflammations, such as otitis. Consider the main symptoms and treatment of fungus in the ear.

Symptoms of ear fungus

The following symptoms can be attributed to the main symptoms:

  • ear congestion;

  • constant itching in the ear;

  • systematic education of ear plugs;

  • unnatural discharge from the ear;

  • general dizziness and headaches;

  • total hearing loss.

As mentioned above, a fungus spread quite rapidly, which may cause damage to the auditory nerve. As a result, it can happen partial hearing loss. If you ignore the symptoms and delay the main treatment, the disease can become chronic, which can not be completely cured.

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