Since 2001 there's this core group of guys I've been loosely training and racing with.  We've bundled our interests together, shared the enthusiasm, and made a team of it.  The name has changed over the years - Gojus, 505 Trek, HFX - but the core group has been the constant theme.  That core group is undergoing major change once again, and will be known as http://www.teamdirectoryplus.com/. 

As this year of the pig comes to a close (look out campers - the Chinese calendar says YOTP goes till Feb 6 on our calendar!) there is no shortage of change.  For one, Team HealthFX has come to it's end.  The HFX years of the core group have by far been the best.  Special thanks to Shane and Ken for your support and guidance.  Your efforts have been appreciated throughout and took the team to new heights.

Another big change:  Lynda and I will not be part of the new team.  We are riding for Desert Cyclery of St. George this year, far removed from the gang in Durango.  We'll be moving our inspirations & aspirations elsewhere...still working on the overhaul but we are full of ideas ;) 

You can expect plenty from this gal:

And this guy

Going on about


Some of this

and most definitely a lot more of this

But probably not a lot of chatter about multiple gears.  At least not more than one at a time ;)

OK, back to my revolution planning and scheming.

Published Thursday, January 24, 2008 6:15 AM by Dave


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Are you taking over the World?
I am down with that.

Jeff Kerkove