Overwork: Symptoms and Treatment

Fatigue - the state, which today are often faced not only adults but also children. It is characterized by reduced activity, lethargy, disturbance of attention and irritability. And many people believe that fatigue - not a serious problem, and that is good enough to sleep off, so that it passed. In fact healthcare , get rid of such a breach can not be a long night. All the other way around - the constant desire to sleep and inability to recover from sleep - these are the main symptoms of fatigue.

Even some 10 years ago, exhaustion occurs only in adults, but today such a violation is very often seen in children, especially in this, that from early childhood, parents tend to develop in every way, trying to make him a "genius."

Overwork: Symptoms and Treatment

From the above it becomes clear that exhaustion - a reaction of the nervous system to the mental, mental or physical stimuli. Of course, it may not develop if such exposure is of short duration, but prolonged exposure to fatigue occurs in 90% of cases. That there is a mismatch of work and rest, no matter what kind of activity the person is engaged in, leading to fatigue.

Constant anxiety and being in a state of stress also leads to fatigue, which in this case is an emotional or psychological.

Unfavorable atmosphere in the family - the cause of such disorders as fatigue from an adult or a child, because in such a situation disturbed the balance between positive and negative emotions that adversely affect health.

In addition, the causes of this disorder are:dissatisfaction with relationships, work, salary and so on. etc .; adverse living conditions; improper diet, in which the body loses vitamins and minerals; negative view of events and situations in life.

The child fatigue may occur: because of excessive load in pre-school or school; due to visit a large number of circles and sections; due to an unbalanced diet; due to the inability of parents to organize a proper schedule for your baby with the rational alternating periods of activity and rest.

In a very small child infant too rarely diagnosed exhaustion of the body. The causes of this disorder may be in the mother's inability to create a harmonious environment for resting and waking the baby. And yet the symptoms of disorders often occur in teenagers due to hormonal changes in the body.

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