Heart failure capoten

Heart failure

Heart failure - a violation of cardiac function when it is not able to provide a full blood flow in organs and tissues. The body's cells do not get enough nutrients, experience oxygen starvation. Chronic heart failure is a result of captopril renogram almost all diseases of the heart.

Causes of chronic heart failure

The most common causes of heart failure - atherosclerosis, hypertension, symptomatic hypertension. Due to the narrowing of the vessels increases blood pressure inside the heart becomes more and more difficult to push through it. Up to a point this violation is compensated by the increase of power and heart rate, but eventually the heart ceases to cope with the increased loads.

Heart failure can be caused by disturbance of the heart function in myocarditis, myocardial dystrophy, heart valve defects, severe infections, poisoning, autoimmune diseases. Many diseases are accompanied by increased pulmonary arterial pressure in pulmonary vessels. As a result, increasing the load on the heart, and it is also able to lead to heart failure. If the kidney function in the body of excess fluid is delayed, it increases the amount of blood and increasing loads on the heart muscle.

Most heart failure develops after myocardial infarction.

Symptoms of heart failure

In the initial stages of heart failure symptoms occur only during exercise. Dyspnea - breathing becomes too frequent and deep, does not correspond to the severity of the work or exercise. If the pressure in the vessels of the lungs, the patient worried about coughing, sometimes with blood.

After strenuous exercise, eating large meals and lying down there palpitation. The patient complained of fatigue, weakness.

Over time, these symptoms are worse, start to disturb not only during physical work, but also at rest.

any patients with heart failure, reducing the amount of urine, they go to the bathroom at night advantageously. In the evening there swelling on the feet, at first only on the feet, and eventually "rise" above. The skin of feet, hands, earlobes and the tip of the nose becomes cyanotic hue. If heart failure is accompanied by stagnation of the blood vessels in the liver, there is a feeling of heaviness and pain under the right rib.

Eventually, heart failure leads to circulatory problems in the brain. The patient becomes irritable, gets tired quickly during mental stress, often depressed. He does not sleep at night and day constantly drowsy.

What can you do?

If left untreated, heart failure is constantly growing and leading to more and more serious complications, the patient's condition deteriorates. Violated the work of all organs, since they are no longer getting the right amount of nutrients and oxygen. This eventually leads to disability and death.

Patients suffering from heart failure, must be registered with a general practitioner and cardiologist regularly be on the inspection and survey periodically to be treated in hospital.

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