About ben

Ben Kraushaar is a Durango native and has been riding bikes since he could walk.  It all started out with him riding his bike to preschool, competing in the shimano kids races when the Iron Horse rolled through town, and doing bike tours across Colorado with his dad on a tandem.  From there he grew as a cyclist and started doing more bike tours (six in total), and started racing the Four Corners Cup local series in the beginner category.  That’s when he realized that he loved mountain bike racing.  After winning the Storm Peak thunder Mountain States Cup race in Steamboat he jumped up to racing the junior sport category.  Good things were soon to come for Ben from that point on.  He started racing more and became more motivated and excited about biking.  The next year he won the Mountain States Cup overall title for Junior Sport.  He then realized that it was time to step up to Junior Expert after many years in sport.  The jump was drastic, but Ben did incredibly well.  In fact he won the Mountain States Cup overall title for Junior Expert 1-18, and went on to win the NORBA Junior Expert 15-16 national title in Mammoth California.  Now with a racing age 16 Ben has high hopes for the future.  He wants to eventually go to junior worlds and make a career of bike racing.