lack of sleep

How to sleep?

In order to fully sleep, most healthy people need a minimum of 7 and a half hours, and only a small percentage is enough zolpidem 5 mg smaller amount. Additionally, those who engaged in sports, needs extra rest.

The constant lack of sleep causes chronic lack of sleep, which in turn leads to a decrease in performance, causing excessive irritability, negative impact on health, metabolism and immunity.

Lack of sleep and diet

In the case of lack of sleep a person is constantly feels the lack of energy and fatigue - many accept this state of hunger in the belief that they simply eat. For this reason, those who sleeps little, tend to consume more calories than necessary.

It is clear that sleep is especially important for those who are on a diet - and so they reduced the amount of energy consumed, which affected more clearly the appearance of fatigue and lack of sleep will only increase fatigue and cause additional hunger.

How to sleep on a diet?

The research studied the relationship between the amount of sleep and losing weight, revealed the following - by limiting the sleep from 8 to 5 hours in the subjects there is a change of metabolism, in which the body begins to lose less fat (1).

In addition to the above theory of fatigue, it is known that lack of sleep can cause abnormalities in the development of two key appetite hormones - leptin and ghrelin, a slight imbalance which leads to overeating and obesity.

Lack of sleep and hormonal levels

Other studies have shown that even a reduction in the number of healthy men sleep with 5 to 8 hours, over just five days resulted in a drop of the male hormone testosterone and androgenic hormones on a number substantial number - from 10 to 30% (2).

In addition, lack of sleep causes an increase in levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which entails irritability, as well as contributes to the development of depression. As for muscle growth, cortisol negatively affects the recovery process.

Lack of sleep and belly fat

Some researchers believe that lack of sleep in men increases the deposition of fat in the abdomen (3). Moreover, according to this view, a set of fat is not associated with genetics or the constitution - the stomach appears even the most wicked men.

This theory is supported by the fact that the decrease in the level of male hormones may precipitate the development of obesity in the so-called female type, which is characterized by a pear shape figure, and a tendency to fat deposition in the lower half of the body.

Does lack of sleep depression?

Deficiency of sleep and depression are so closely linked to each other, it is difficult to say that this is the root cause. A person suffering from depression can not sleep well, but the one who constantly sleeps little, provoking at the development of depression.

Unfortunately, this factor is compounded by the fact that chronic lack of sleep can lead to an exacerbation of other diseases, and not every doctor will be able to determine that ill health is due primarily to the fact that a person is not enough sleep.

How much sleep you need to mind?

The main symptoms of chronic sleep deprivation - persistent headaches and slowing of thought processes. First of all it reduces the concentration of attention, but also affects the ability to analyze and memorize information.

The different phases of sleep are responsible for memory and record memories. If the dream is defective, then the cycle is broken, declining as a percentage of the stored information, and the ability to memorize a new one. As a result - lack of sleep interferes think clearly.

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