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Meldonium (mildronat): applications in medicine and doping scandal

"Meldonium makes human endurance," "mildronat prescribed for heart problems," "meldonium can not even take on prescription - athletes is forbidden" - such statements in recent years can not only be read on the forums and in comments to news buy meldonium online, but also to hear on the bus, cafes and parks. No wonder - doping scandal, which became the basis for this very mildronat, covered almost everyone.

WHAT meldonium (mildronat): INDICATIONS

Meldonium (Mildronat) refers to a group of metabolic resources, which are able to normalize metabolic processes in the cells of energy character, experienced the lack of oxygen, ischemia. Meldonium established itself as an effective drug for the normalization and stabilization of the energy metabolism of the heart.

In 2012, the drug in question was included in the list of vital and essential drugs (VED) and only 1 January 2016 was a ban on its use by athletes: mildronat (meldonium) was found doping. It is in connection with the "extensibility" in time and is related to many questions about the legality of the statements that meldonium - doping. At the same time, the United States, for example, mildronat has not been approved for use in the same in 2012 - check it out on the "doping component" all 4 years did not have time? But this is all rhetorical questions, we also important to note that the "official" indication for use in meldonium quite a lot, in particular, mildronat.

According to the creators meldonium

Creator mildronata Ivar Kalvins (professor of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis), does not consider it established in 1975 his laboratory doping substance and I am sure that no scientific agrumentirovaniya against the ban on the use and recognition of its meldonium doping is not and can not. Ivar says and believes that drugs with similar effect on the world mildronat pharmacological market there is not expected - there are no evidence that similar drugs are at least laboratory or clinical trials.

If WADA claims that it is a drug, it should have at least one article or show one study conduct, which would prove that this is so. If such a study is not, does not exist - I have not seen any such article and any arguments from WADA we have received and in general they have not been informed of his decision and the reasons for this - it is only possible to make one that background there lobbying for something - or a purely political or sports-political, or pharmaceutical business - said Ivar Kalvin.

Ivar Kalvins suggested that the doping scandal - this is just another attempt to seize the technology and production meldonium business, although politically motivated should not be excluded.

According to scientists about meldonium

The question of whether it is appropriate to talk about mildronat as doping, concerned not only the inhabitants, but also scientists. According to many, here are some of them:

The opinion of scientists about meldoniiPreparat widely used in the treatment of heart disease and neuroscience. 100% efficiency can be challenged, but doctors often prescribe enough mildronat their patients.

About the fact that meldonium able to increase endurance and human performance, you can argue long. We only know one thing - for the time being no large clinical studies on groups of people in relation to the ability to increase endurance mildronata was conducted. And it says Professor, MD, Head of myocardial diseases and heart failure Institute of Clinical Cardiology. AL Myasnikov Sergey Tereshchenko - agree that this level scientists are always aware of the latest research. Most likely, we conducted some minimal research, the so-called "pilot" that can not be the basis for such serious conclusions.

The same Sergey Tereshchenko admits the likelihood that the additional effect mildronata as increase endurance still there. But the professor insists that there are no clinical studies in this area was conducted - by the way, for this reason, mildronat not entered the world market and pharmacological only used in Russia and some CIS countries.

Mildronat analogues in the world there! Pharmacists known preduktal, which also improves the metabolic processes in the tissues of the heart, but its mechanism of action completely different. And he, by the way, was included in the list of banned drugs to athletes (ie, was found doping) much earlier.

Healthy people taking meldonium not recommended - interference in the work from the outside of the heart to anything good will not.

Those patients who take mildronat to destination the attending physician, do not worry - no harm to the body is applied.

For athletes mildronat needed to prevent heart attacks on a background of excessive exercise, medication only preserves the health of the athlete, but does not guarantee his victory in the competition.

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