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Camp Lynda Digested

It has taken me a few days to fully digest what a smashing success the camp was. I for one had a superb time. During the whole three days there was a buzz and excitement from all participants. We had about 27 riders. Most came along for 2 days. Read More

Camp Lynda Day Two - Yeehah

Head count at the start today was 24 riders. One casualty from yesterday - gore, blood, broken finger with bone through skin - get better quick Branden. Ride stats for me today 5:04, 52 miles, 6k climbing, 294 TSS, 0.77 IF. Dave Nice made a few Read More

Day One Camp Lynda - Done, tick, fab

Beauty day despite skipping the big loop in favor of and out and back to avoid the muck up by Danish Ranch. 55 miles, 5:07, 305 TSS was my ride tally. I'm a wee bit tired now. We started off with about 25 riders. Most folks split off into Read More

Camp Lynda event bible

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Everything you need to know in one post.  Well, mostly. Survival tips are here. Archive of all Camp Lynda posts is here. GPS files:  attached to this post is a single MapSource file containing all tracks and waypoints for Camp Lynda.  Read More

Camp Lynda survival tips

Some tips to make it through the camp: Tires:  lots of prickly stuff around here, especially goatheads.  Stans, Specialized Airlock tubes, Slimetubes or equivalent is recommended.  GPS files:  all the files are attached to the Read More

Camp Lynda day 3

The meeting place for day 3 is Sheep Bridge, 8 AM.  This is a dirt parking area along the Virgin river gorge just before Virgin.  Heading towards Zion on Hwy 9 from Hurricane you'll see a small green street sign for "Sheep Bridge" just Read More

Ergon at Camp Lynda

Jeff Kerkove, LW Coaching athlete and Ergon marketing guru, will be attending all 3 days of Camp Lynda.  For those that are also attending Jeff will allow those interested in demoing Ergon product during the 3 days of camp.  Nothing like taking Read More

Camp Lynda Day 2 details

Day 2 Jan 13, leaving 9am sharp.  Start and Finish point is Lins grocery store parking lot, 1930 W Sunset Blvd, StG.  Ya got your choice of Lins, and across the road Albertsons and McDonalds for pre and post ride grub.  Yummy! This Read More

Camp Lynda Day One Details

January 12th. Day 1 of Camp Lynda is the big Silver Reef Loop. Starting at Desert Cyclery Bike shop at 9am sharp. 1091 North Bluff Street, #1503, St George. We'll head up the road and into the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.  Catch the Read More

Camp Lynda Navigation

Check out the new "Camp Lynda" link on the left menu bar under Post Categories. Follow that link to get all Camp Lynda info and posts. And now a word from the Camp Lynda  CTO... Disclaimer 1:  Camp Lynda is a no-nonsense self-supported binge Read More

Camp Lynda Dates

Camp Lynda will be January 12-14th. That is a Saturday thru Monday. My kids get out of school early on Friday sooo everybody else must work their schedule around that ;-) The camp will be self supported. No entry fee, no I Survived Camp Lynda t-shirt Read More

Camp Lynda

St George is a great place to ride in the winter, well unless it is raining. Binge training is one of my fav things to do. I wanna share both, hence Camp Lynda. Come down to the desert and ride yourself silly for a few days. Go home so tired Read More