October 2007 - Posts

Camp Lynda

St George is a great place to ride in the winter, well unless it is raining. Binge training is one of my fav things to do. I wanna share both, hence Camp Lynda. Come down to the desert and ride yourself silly for a few days. Go home so tired Read More

Fall and 55ers

Fall in the desert is really a second spring time. New flowers bloom. Weather is perfect for being outside. A time to play new games. To do a few things differently. Kidz started Hot Shots tennis. I don't think Emma hit a ball once and left telling Read More

24-hours or Moab Recap

Not a race report as I wasn't racing. It was interesting to be at a 24 in the support role. I haven't actually done that before and it was high time to pay my 24 hour support dues. Thanks to everyone who came by the pit and helped set up and take down Read More

24 Hours of Moab

I'll be there. I was, then I wasn't, then I was with the kids coming too and then I wasn't and now I am without the kids...Whew - logistic mania. I'm not even racing. I'm really looking forward to coming and not racing. I'll ride a few laps on Friday Read More

Getting Single

My knees are almost back to 100%. Took about 4 weeks to clear up the tendinitis. Sounds normal. I am back riding and every ride I grab the single speed. Funny how the knee rehab plan has been on the single speed. I've kept the gearing easy at 32X21. Read More