March 2006 - Posts

Trans Rockies March News

Trans Rockies is more in the news this year than I've seen before - or maybe I'm paying attention because I'm on the start list this year for the first time. 2002 was the first year Trans Rockies was staged. When I heard about it I so wanted to race it Read More

Sh*t and Food

As a mom and a cyclist these are two large features in my daily life. I spend a lot of my time trying to put more food into my kids mouths and less into mine. What age is it I wonder food and sleep become something we want more of? My kiddies haven't Read More

Spring is actually starting to Spring

It's been a month since 24-hours in the Old Pueblo and I've had a month off training. I love peaking for an event but coming down the backside of a peak is an ugly process I don't enjoy so much. It was a month full of things that were not too conducive Read More

Spring Break

I've been gone. I'm not feeling very wordy so here is a photo blog of my trip. This is the top of the climb up on Gold Bar Rim. Cold clear day. Looking in the other direction from the same spot here is Steve finishing the haul up the final piece of Read More

Big Snow Day

We had our annual snowfall in St George today. March 10th! Just last weekend I was sweating away in the Desert Rampage xc here in short sleeves. I don't think I've ever seen snow sitting on our trampoline before. Right after this pic we piled on and jumped Read More

Desert Rampage Race Report

Well that was a lot of fun in the wielding blunt weapons kind of sense. I think I've found my niche for local races - Single Speed! The Expert men are occasionally pouty about having me race in their category and mess up their series point accumulation Read More

One of the good guys

Here is Desert Rampage race director Glen Ames. He is one of the good guys for sure, like most race promoters are. Without them we would have nowhere to put on our show. I went out yesterday to ride a couple of laps on my SS and test out how a 32 X 21 Read More