June 2007 - Posts

BC Bike Race - here we come!

My bike and bags are packed. Tomorrow I catch the 6am flight to Vancouver. Then a coach- ferry-coach-taxi combo to our hotel in Victoria. Tomorrow will be a long day. Daily race results and race reports will be posted here. Photos, video clips and other Read More


Cris Fox is running a series of racer interviews. I've enjoyed reading about all of these characters. Today was my turn to be Foxieviewed. Read More

Tapering for BC Bike Race

Seven days to the start of BC Bike race and I am in full taper mode. That meant skipping The E12 yesterday, which turned out to be another hot and depleting event. News is Epic Adam went to the hospital with heatstroke. I can't afford one of those in Read More

New Toyz

I spent this weekend paying the fatigue penalty that came along with running my TSB down to -108 and CTL up to 143. There is no reason this should have surprised me - but it did. I fall into all the self coaching pitfalls. I made the wise call to Read More


It was still over 100F when I finished my ride at 8:30pm tonight. The heat made me feel like a slug. I stripped all the extra bottle cages and miscellaneous junk off my bike and it felt so light and fast. Time to get things dialed in for BC Bike Race. Read More


Sunday Monday Aint this country great! Read More

Buffalo Creek

I've heard about the flowy trails at Buffalo Creek and got to sample a few of them with a couple fellow bike addicted chickas - a very rare treat for me. The ladies were zippy. I had to take the lead to slow things down! Ride stats in the end were Read More

Crazy CO weather

We are in Colorado this week on vacation. Every year we spend a week here at the grandparents and every year I relearn how crazy the CO mountain weather is. Tuesday arm warmers and leg warmers were on and off, rolled up and down constantly. Fab day tho' Read More

Dave's Grand Loop Race - so far...

Dave is out there right now on the Grand Loop race. It started at 6pm Friday in Grand Junction. I happened to be at Dewey Bridge on a raft trip the night the race rolled over the bridge. I didn't plan it - serendiptiy at work. Dave rolled over in first Read More