November 2006 - Posts

Ergomo Sensor Cable Routing pics

Oh twist my arm Arleigh and ask me to post more pics of my bike ;-) I taped the sensor cable from the bb to the CPU on the bars with black electrical tape along the side of my down tube to (kinda) match the Yeti decals. Don't look too closely. Read More

Ergomo Install

That was easy! It slipped in and worked with no finagling around for hours. Not quite plug and play but no headaches involved. It comes with instructions written for a gal with my level of mechanical knowledge i.e. it actually told me which Read More

SRM Wrangling

Today was the SRM install day. A big job for a wee gal without a career in wrenching. First step was to strip off the pedals, cranks and BB - easy. I can take things apart. Next up was installing the octalink bb. Problem #1 errr which is the left Read More

Thanksgiving according to Wesley

Wesley made this turkey at school - it's awesome My name is Wesley I am 6 years old I am writing about Thanksgiving I am thankful for my mom and dad They like to do nice things I am thankful for my friends My friends are kind to my friends I Read More

Power Meter Wrangling

Power Training is the way to go - no question at all about that. As a coach I want power files for all the rides my athletes do so I can plan and track their wattage progression and accumulation of training load overtime with the Performance Manager Chart Read More

Up on the Goose

My legs are back and I swung them over my SS for a couple of hours up on Gooseberry at the weekend - very, very nice. Here is the last pic my camera took before it died. Best Buy says I should have it back by Christmas - well hopefully. Twas a super nice Read More


Oooh ma legs are full of them! Today it's been exactly a month since 24-hours of Moab and since I have done anything resembling training. 3 X 20 mins at sweet spot today went 199w (pretty good), 203w (spot on), 178w (kaboom!!). Mom-Coach has been taking Read More

Fresh Tracks

Trail beavers have been busy here in St George recently. Today I went out to a new trail with Joel. The trail-head was tricky to find and I never would have managed on my own - thanks Joel! 5.9 miles of fresh cut single-track courtesy of the BLM with Read More