January 2006 - Posts

Big Ride Week Preview

Dave arrives in St George today and tomorrow starts the big ride week. We're both racing solo at 24-hours of Old Pueblo on Feb 18-19, about a month away. This is the big volume week followed by a 3 week taper into OP. Joe Friel calls this kinds of week Read More

Short and Sweet

..was the ride today, only 1:35. Just keeping it sharp but not creating a lot of fatigue so I'm zippy for the big riding week with Dave next week. I've got a lot of trails to show him here in the county :-) The plan for today was two sets of 3 minutes Read More

Cross Training Day

I'm having a low volume bike week to freshen up for the final build up to Old Pueblo . Sunday was off the bike but I got in nine hours of cross training. This was my activity of choice. Suburban Cross Training... It's hard work pushing this Read More


I've been Ashwinviewed Ashwin posts pro racer interviews on his site and this week it's my turn. Check it out. Read More

Building for Old Pueblo

My main project this winter has been to build some muscle back onto my legs after six years of hypotrophy and a side benefit of that is I've become ripping strong. Feeling like I could use this juice for something fun I slipped my entry into the frey Read More