June 2006 - Posts

E-12 hours - Double HealthFX solo podium - Sweet!

It was a well organized race with 63 solo riders starting (52 men and 11 women). I won the women's and Dave won the men's solo categories - how cool was that! Dave was the only rider on course to complete 14 laps and I won the women's by a 2 lap Read More

Getting Faster

Am I getting faster? I train alone so much of the time and race infrequently sometimes it is hard to tell. One of the beauties of power meters and the scale is their objective opinions. This weekend is the E-12 hour race which I'm doing solo. I'm not Read More

Getting Big and Fat on Father's Day

No, thankfully it's not me I'm talking about, or my bike - both of us have been getting a little lighter this month. It's the garden. No better organic food than the stuff popping up in my backyard just now. Here are my tomatoes. In a week I'll have more Read More

Binging Again

The next big goal on my schedule is Trans Rockies in August. Right now all of my training and racing is focused on peaking for that event. I just finished a big volume block to push my CTL up into the clouds. I'll take advantage of that next week racing Read More

Big Pine Spring

My latest obsession is finding the biggest climb I can ride from my house. I live at 2800ft and we reached 7464 feet today in 2 hours and 10 minutes and 17 miles. Here is the GPS file. Blue is speed and orange is altitude. Not a bad climb at all. There Read More