December 2006 - Posts

Most Excellent Christmas

I wouldn't have believed how knocked down Dave was after his surgery if I hadn't seen it myself. He swung into town a few days before Christmas with his mtb and a green light from his surgeon to go ride and ride big we did :-) 4 days, 206 miles, 1200 Read More

SRM saga continued

My SRM is back and along with it came a new ring sensor designed for mountain bikes. Not free tho' it cost me $80.  Whoa baby sticker shock there but what can ya do. My beef with the mtb SRM is each time one of the bolts on the small chain ring passes Read More

Burn Rate

The burn rate of these kids is phenomenal when they get out. I just sit back and watch in awe sometimes. Snow Canyon Hyping It wasn't tough to stay off my bike today. Cold and windy. Brrr... Hyping Slide Show Read More

It's Official Now

I'm sick. I've been trying to heal myself for far too long. Even took 9 days off the bike. That's huge! Today I finally went to the Dr. Official diagnosis: Strep throat and bronchitis. Neither of which are real good training partners. Read More

SRM Update

My SRM is winging it's way back to me today. I wasn't crazy after all - the thing was jacked up. They replaced the battery, calibrated it, replaced the internal cadence sensor, the sending coil and black reed switch. I don't know exactly what all of those Read More

Power Wrangling Interlude

My life seems to be coming in fits and spurts at the moment. Lots of project hopping. The power wrangling project was put on hold for a trip down to AZ for the annual Ultrafit coaches conference. I learned lots of good stuff and had my moment in Read More