September 2007 - Posts

New Toyz

My knees are on the mend :-) and whew... The SS is calling me. It's the bike I feel best pedaling at the moment. I took it up to Gooseberry for a fab ride with a whole pile of super cool biker folks fresh off Interbike. Sadly my camera battery Read More

What is Going On?

I have so many physical things going on with me at the moment I can make a bulleted list... Infected and swollen left elbow joint Right leg IT Band Syndrome Left knee has mysterious internal pains Stomach flu and of course the perennial Read More

Big Skies

No matter what happens I will always be able to lie down and admire the beauty of the sky. Read More

Hoodoo 500

I'm not back riding again yet since Worlds. I've been busy and my knee is still busy healing. I think I'll take the mtb out for a spin tomorrow. Racing goes on. Today in St George started The Hoodoo 500. 500 mile race through scenic SW Utah. The course Read More

24-Hour Solo World Championship Race Report

While indulging in some out-of-hand pre-race smack talk I mentioned I wasn't going to Worlds to do any learning...LOL!! ooops... Winner Rebecca Rusch taught me a couple of lessons and I re-taught myself a few things I thought I already knew. So I don't Read More


This has been a crazy week for me. One of those weeks where everything comes to a point and explodes. With sleep deprivation and fatigue my efficiency has been at an all time low. Life support systems only captain. So Worlds was fun. I rode with all Read More