May 2007 - Posts

Mom & Sons ride

Red Canyon did not disappoint, not even a little bitty. The trails were in fab condition and the weather ride perfect. We did a mom and son ride. Mom1 was on her pink 29er SS and I was on my stealth black one. We thought we were purty cool Read More

Memorial Day Tradition

We are sneaking out of town a day early for our annual Memorial Day weekend in Red Canyon. Tuesday's blog will look like exactly like this, except we will all be a year older... Packing up. Pappa bear, momma bear, baby bear... Wesley has built some Read More

2007 Kokopelli Trail Race Report

Well it wasn't a race but a group of friends riding the Kokopelli Trail - so the BLM officials who showed up to the start were told. They didn't buy it and dished out a $275 ticket to Adam for organizing an event on BLM land without a permit. With that Read More


An object as an amulet or charm that is believed to carry a magic spell Personal magnetism; charm Mojo waxes and wanes. It can take a long time to build up and disappear in a flash. I've completed the Kokopelli Trail three times now and each time Read More

Kokopelli Trail Race is ON :-)

Doc said my collar bone was about 75% healed and gave me the go ahead to race Kokopelli. Yeeeehaahhh. Just mentioned I should not crash on it... Here is the most recent x-ray - 11 weeks post surgery. Looks the same to me as all the others. Doc said that's Read More

Mom-Coach-Rehabber a better tag-line for my blog at the moment. Lots of drama and chaos going on in my life but nothing in the way of blogworthy racing. Coming up on May 19th is Kokopelli Trail race. I'm hoping to do that one - really looking forward to doing that Read More