August 2006 - Posts

Scorching Hot Chicks

Women usually take a back seat in attention and placings at most sporting events. This summer a few have been stepping it up to compete with the top runners - be them men or women. This is super cool and here is a shout out to some of the ultra-chicks Read More

Executing your First 100 mile Mountain Bike Race

This weekend is The E-100. This one is the grand daddy of all 100 milers. It has a whopping 18,627 feet of climbing, mostly on single-track. Last year I finished in 12:44 and was so beaten up even my skin hurt. After the finish I said to my hubby "it's Read More

Trans Rockies - Stage 6 and Stage 7

Stage 6 Nipika to Invermere 63.8km 1119m. It rained all night. I didn't sleep much and felt ill in the morning - like I had food poisoning. My gut was full, I was burping like crazy, was cold and shaky and thought I was gonna puke. I didn't Read More

Trans Rockies - Stage 5

Stage Five Whiteswan Lake to Nipika 107.5km 1285m. We never did see Whiteswan Lake. It was supposed to be outstanding but the 3k walk from the camp was a bit much for us... We spent yesterday afternoon lying in a creek cooling off our legs or lying Read More

Trans Rockies - we did it!

Trans Rockies was big, beautiful and we won the open mixed category. We showed up peaked, super fit, healthy and fresh - and it was hard. 564 km and 10,173m of climbing. We finished the seven stages in 32:54 which was good enough for 11th overall Read More

Trans Rockies - here we come

...and watch out!! This year has been a mission and I plan on extending my scorchmark across the 2006 season at TransRockies next week. I've won everything I've entered this year, placed up at the podium level with the guys and churned out 6+ Read More

More Interviews

I've been interviewed a few times this week - Shape Magazine, Her Muscle and Fitness (!!) and Outside Magazine. Trans Rockies is coming up and lots of folks know Dave and I are flying up there to ride like crazy. Read this interview by Enjoying Read More