September 2006 - Posts

Sorta Training

Only one race left on the schedule for the year - 24 Hours of Moab and I'm going solo. I've got a fat support crew lined up, Kong and Andy from Desert Cyclery are going to be there wrenching for Dave and I, grandparents taking care of the Kinders and Read More

Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument

Not many folks in St George know you can ride there from town... it took me over 5 hours and a whole bunch of climbing. The views are really cool. I rode out Black Rock road, past the Gypsum mine and up over Low Mountain to get there. You can Read More

Adding a bit more Stability

Here is the lovely and ever charming Emma Lee modeling the newest piece of stability in my life. Version 1 of this Yeti had a Fox RP3 float. I don't like that shock, not one little bitty. It was on my Scalpel and was the reason I sold it. Then I tried Read More

Training Mode

Its funny I feel like I haven't done any real training for a long time - race - recover - race - recover. The last race was one too much. Like something so sweet, tasting so good until a tiny bit too much is sickening. September is training Read More