March 2007 - Posts

In Training, Spring Racing

Being sidelined I'm able to channel my race fervor into Wesley. I'm surreptitiously training him for the next InterMountain Cup event The Cholla Challenge on April 7th. He doesn't know it yet. I've been getting back out on the trails. Unfortunately Read More

Third Time's a Charm

First time I tried I was turned back by a snowstorm, the second time it was wind but this time I got it. Scrub Peak that is. It has been looking down on me from almost every point in the county for over a year now calling to me. Here is the Read More

I Aint Dense

I've been spending far too much time here lately - Dixie Regional Medical Center. This is a bronze statue in the parking lot which is really cool - about 30 feet tall and full of tiny details. On the 12th I had a DEXA bone density scan done. Here is Read More

Drinking Sunbeams

I lay on the grass in the sun for 2 hours at the park this afternoon while the kidz played. I haven't been getting many UV's lately. They felt so good. Wesley told me sunbeams give you magical powers if you eat them. They are not so easy to Read More

Plate and Screws Pic

Today was my 2 week post surgery check up. I have done four naughty things in these 2 weeks - which is pretty minimal for me really... So was looking forward to seeing the x-ray to find out if I got away with it - I did :-) Dr Anderson, the talented Read More

2007 Desert Ramage Race Report

So I raced this weekend - vicariously that is... First stop on the 2007  Intermountain Cup Race Series, the Desert Rampage came to St George this weekend. Last year I raced single-speed and had a fab time. This year I went down to the race wearing Read More