July 2006 - Posts

Brian Head Racing

Racing season is here at Brian Head. We went up at the weekend for the 100 miler and the NORBA National hits town in a few days time. I rode 2 laps on the xc course - a few changes from last year, more on that below. Brian Head Epic Read More

EndurancePlanet.com Interview

EndurancePlanet.com interviews all different types of endurance characters from athletes to coaches. I was interviewed for the August 2nd broadcast. We chatted about mountain bike racing and training. Here is the link to my podcast interview if you Read More

E-50 Race Report

This weekend was race #2 of the E100 series in Park City. The first was the 12 hours, this one was the 50 miler and the final will be the 100 miler in August. Goals for this one were to win and set a new course record - which I did. My official finish Read More

Back at 9k

Wow it has been hot here in St George - 112F yesterday. We escaped up to the sweet cool 9k air at Navajo for the weekend again. It was toasty up there too. At this time of year I like to go up to a healthy elevation to do my threshold intervals. I get Read More

New Bike!

Wesley got his cast off - an event requiring some sort of celebration after a summer with no swimming, climbing, riding etc. He was rallying around like crazy on his single-speeder before he broke his arm, so in order not to stymie his cycling development Read More

Durango Training

Last weekend I took a a trip to D-town to get our Trans Rockies strategy and details dialed in. I was looking forward to some big views and nice single-track too. This was the standard view of the weekend. Tall trees and thick clouds. Apparently Read More

Sparklers and Single-Track

A splendid July 4th weekend up at Navajo Lake Navajo Lake is circumvented by a sweet rolly 10 mile single-track. Along the southern side of the lake is a ridge and 600 feet up from the lake along the top of the ridge passes the 32.5 mile Virgin Read More