November 2005 - Posts

Brr, Brr, windy, windy reported Fair and Breezy, 45F with 32mph winds, wind chill 37F.  I'm gonna have to change the weather site on my favorites as I take issue with 32 mph wind being described as "breezy" 'cause it nearly blew me off Read More

Yer looking fer a geek-off?

Glory on a bike in Moab

What a glorious weekend to be in Moab on a bike. I've ridden White Rim in three days with wine, cheescake and support but never hammered it out in one day. I was salivating on my keyboard when Dave invited me along. Half a dozen phone calls later I'd Read More

Hello all...

Well I’m the newbie on this team and don’t know anybody except for Dave. I did cheer for Miles, Greg and Brent at the BrianHead NORBA xc and you guys were looking strong that day. I was lurking around and raced my first ever NORBA marathon the next day Read More