April 2007 - Posts

Sore, Sunburned and Frantic

That's how I sent my mom back to Scotland this morning. She has been visiting for 3 weeks. Yesterday, her last day, we went out for a hike. It took 2.5 hours longer than I thought it would and it hit 93F here. We didn't have enough sunscreen or water Read More

2007 Kokopelli Trail Recon

Kokopelli Trail Race was my favorite single day race of the year last year. 142 miles self supported from Moab to Fruita. Dave and I had a blast pre-riding it last year. This year as per tradition it flips and runs in the opposite direction. I wasn't Read More


If you want to be a zombie sit in front of a TV If you want to be fit and hyper go outside and run (or ride:-) Joy is there to be found if you have your eyes and heart open. You do have to look and believe it is there and is yours. It doesn't Read More


Does everything have a silver lining? I think so. I like to think so. I need to think so. One of the great things about being knocked down so hard is relishing the simplicities I missed when I was riding the crest of the wave. Here on the comeback Read More

Wee Wally Victory!

The subliminal training paid off - Wesley won his race at the Cholla Challenge, the second stop on the Intermoutain Cup Series. He staged near the back but made up a few spots right off the line as we had him start in the big ring this time. #95 Read More

Scenery Therapy

I'm healing in more ways than one. Getting out and feeling the sun and wind on my skin and visiting some of my favorite places is wonderous sometimes. Saturday afternoon was both warm and windy. A nice soothing wind. Sunset brought up some beautiful Read More