February 2006 - Posts

SS school

I haven't been riding much since the 24 hours of Old Pueblo - taking a breather. I have been out a couple of times on my single speed. The Intermountain Cup Series kicks off this weekend with the Desert Rampage here in St George. The single speed Read More

'06 Old Pueblo Race report

Well that was a nice course and it was very good to me - just my kind of desert riding, hard packed rolly winding single track. It hasn't rained for so long the trail was hard packed enough for Wesley to ride around on his scooter! The course was fast Read More

Old Pueblo was mine this year :-)

16 laps, 24 hours and 49 mins, 240 miles. I was peaked and hungry, hit every goal I set out for the event and basically crushed it - dam that was some fun!!! Here's the goals I had: Start strong and finish fast. Stay on task and motivated Read More

Three days to OP and countin'

Why on earth ride your bike for 24 hours? Good question seeing as I'm about to do it. "The best moments in our lives, are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times - although such experiences can also be enjoyable, if we have worked hard to attain Read More

Five Days to OP and countin'

Sometimes the final few days before a peak race are the hardest to figure out trainingwize. My legs are on fire so I want to go out and hammer but I can't do too much or I'll torch them before race day. I like to have the intensity in my schedule Read More

My New SS

Here's my new SS. 15" frame and 29" wheels. My inseam is 27". I look like a midget standing beside it - like it's my dad's bike or something. It is an awesome ride and I've been railing around Paradise Canyon on it which is my little 45 minute back yard Read More

Power, weight, climbs, descents and speed

Yesterday I had a super interesting ride on the road with a friend. Nice ride with a couple of long climbs, 5 miles and 8 miles long. We rode side by side for most of the ride, with no drafting. My friend weighs 75 pounds more than I do. On the climbs Read More

My First Single Speed

Here is a pic of my first single speed. Not only single speed but single brake - and a sketchy one at that. I worked this bike over. It didn't last to be a hand-me-down to my wee sister and sadly to this day she does not get the bike thing at all. Read More

Big Ride Week Post Mortem

238 miles, 22 hours 35 mins saddle time,1336 TSS, one worthy crash (me) and no flat tires was the end of the week tally. I get the best training done when I'm out having fun on my bike and chasing Dave around the county for a week was a blast. I Read More