January 2007 - Posts

This One is for you Shane!

Cause your products rock... I've got Cardio in ma belly and Drip in my bottle in this pic. Today was full on fine.   Two laps on the Jem and lap #2 was a PR for me. Steve came along for the first lap. Pink, Lily Allen, Girls Aloud, Arctic Monkeys Read More

Girls Ride

It wasn't so deserty in the desert today for me and the girls. I picked all this up on the road between Danish Ranch and Cottonwood - don't go up there for a while. It's the evil clay muck that doesn't fall off with a little water treatment - Read More

Chammy Time

Yesterday went something like this: Feed kidz - eat - drop kidz off at school - ride big - pick kidz up from school - bake brownies - feed kidz - eat more - ride more - eat more. Ride day tally was 300 TSS. Calorie tally = I'm scared to add it up but Read More

St George Smog

Beauty day today. Ticked off 61 miles with 55 miles of that on single-track. Fabby. High of 48F. Nice and calm after yesterday's silly windy day. This winter is the first time I have noticed a smog cloud hanging over the St George valley. Progress, Read More

Ergomo Steps Up

My cell phone died a few days ago. I can't even check my messages. So if you want to say hi or go for a ride call me at home or e mail always works. If you left me a message - I haven't heard it... After whining about the cheesy mount on the Ergomo the Read More

Desert Bunnies and Coyotes

I wanted to do a night ride but not be out too late so set off as soon as it was dark. Rolling up the trail it didn't seem dark at all so I switched off my light and yup - it was pitch. My new Cree3 light Dave made for me is the brightest thing ever. Read More

Desert Beavers and Horses

I luv living in the desert. Sometimes I wonder how I came to be born in Scotland because I'm a desert gal thru and thru. I never ever tire of climbing up to high points, listening to the breeze and admiring the view. This is a high point round Read More

Ergomo Update

Got the Ergomo up and rolling on a 68mm BB Gary Fisher Procaliber. It seems to be working fine but I haven't done any accuracy testing yet. CPU handlebar mount is the cheesiest thing in the world. It is held on with zip-ties. Yesterday on a fast bumpy Read More


Thanks to everybody for help with my Q-factor project. I've got more friends out there than I realised and it is a really really nice thing to know. Big big thanks to Dicky who took the cranks off his son's bike and sent them to me. Now that is very, Read More


Now my Yeti is sitting sorry with no BB or cranks and I need help finding a pair. Goal is to get the Q-factor at 160mm or below. Each combo of crank/bb I can find to do this is out of production and scouring the classifieds has come up short. Here is Read More

Watts Training

I got the SRM installed on the Yeti. Unfortunately there wasn't enough room on the axle for the new ring sensor with the 73mm BB shell so it was back to the old two piece sensor and a gawdzillion zip-ties. My beef about the two piece sensor is the Read More

Welcome to 2007

The New Year usually feels like a turning point for me no matter what is going on. Steve and I have a tradition to bring in the New Year in a place where we can't see or hear any signs of civilization. We had a 15 year streak going which we Read More

Blue Rave

Dave brought his set of homemade lights down to St George last week for show and tell. They are sooo cool! His blue light was kinda funky outside. I think it would make my eyes tired looking at it all night. Emma took one look at the blue light, changed Read More