August 2007 - Posts


Big rides across beautiful places is when my body and soul are most connected. Riding for 24 hours is sheer indulgence. Is it how many breaths you take or how many moments are breathless? Read More

Back on

I'm getting better, lungs have cleared out and Worlds is back on. Whatdya know the rest has prolly done me good after all. I have some top end power coming out my Power-Tap I haven't seen in a while. Lots of details to get together for a 24-hour Read More

Slipping Away

Steve says god takes things away from us we care about to humble us. My sniffle travelled from the tip of my nose, evolving into a back of the throat tickle. Now it is embedded in the depths of my lungs as a gurgle. I feel more weak and feverish than Read More


Life is churning forward even tho' you wouldn't know it by my dearth of blogging lately. Today is a big day in my life. My youngest Emma started Kindergarten. That changes my daily schedule and has a huge impact on my life. Things are changing. I'm making Read More