February 2007 - Posts

Scar Pic

I did it. I peeled off the dressings for a looksie. No stitches! Maybe they glued me back together. Steve took this pic of me before I had come around from the anesthesia. He said he was gonna put the flower in my mouth for the pic but I woke up Read More

Healing Bizness

It is quite a rollercoaster ride, good - bad - better - awful - repeat. I feel fine for a while but when I slide I go down hard and fast. Surgery went well and I was rolled out of the OR with my Ti plate at 9pm on Friday evening. The middle part of the Read More

Bionic Woman

Surgery got bumped up. This afternoon I follow in Dave's footsteps to become the bionic woman and get my matching Ti plate. Thanks so much to everybody who has called, e mailed and left nice comments on my blog. It is real nice to have so many friends Read More

2007 Old Pueblo Race Report

Short Story It was a dreamy ride for about 11:30 then not so dreamy. Long Story Our pit was awesome. Everybody brought a piece of the pie. We had perfect support, a pro mechanic and the best spot on the course. Josh did my support and Andy from Read More

Pink Princesses and the Big Pink Cloud

I love colors. Often my outfits don't match but are made up of crazy colors that make me smile. Pink is a smilie color. Pink Princess #1 Pink Princess #2 - this one is a beauteeee Stealth mode got boring so I called up Joel for a spin. He showed Read More

Stealth Mode

I've got lots to blog about but I've gone in stealth mode with 24 Hours in The Old Pueblo coming up. My riding partners have prolly wondered where I've gone (hi Joel, Dave and Paul!). It's a nice breather for them having me in stealth mode for a Read More