November 2007 - Posts

Binge Over

My four day single speed binge is over and it was splendid fun. Ride times were 4:44, 4:24, 4:37 and err 1:35. I got distracted the last day with an invite to go goof around on Gooseberry Mesa. We spent half the day up there but ride time only tallied Read More

Guinea Pigs

One gear, one GPS, one Power-Tap, one rider... One baggie of mashed potatoes and carrots - post Thanksgiving ride food - yum... Yesterdays ride food was a baggie of Mac n' cheese. That went down very, very well too - yum. I'm experimenting Read More

Single Power

My Single Speed got a new rear wheel today. With a Power-Tap hub in it. It's gonna kick off some data and tells us all what all this one gear pedaling stuff actually looks like. I don't think the powers seen are as high as others do. Shortly we will know... Read More

My SS story

Well it seems now I have an SS training partner and he tends to like to take things to extremes when an idea takes hold of him. Look out. So far I have just whipped around on wee fast rides on my SS but yesterday manic enveloped me in his new Read More

Camp Lynda Dates

Camp Lynda will be January 12-14th. That is a Saturday thru Monday. My kids get out of school early on Friday sooo everybody else must work their schedule around that ;-) The camp will be self supported. No entry fee, no I Survived Camp Lynda t-shirt Read More

Halloween Decisions

Pink is a given. Power Ranger or butterfly. Hard choice... Why not both... Emma has some cool kindergarten teachers. They all dressed as cheerleaders yesterday. They were really funny. Ninjas are hard to catch on film. Except in that moment before Read More