May 2006 - Posts

Mommy, Wesley got broke

Emma was delighted to be the first to relay me the news. She enjoyed the trip to the ER a lot more than Wesley did, picking up a few snacks and flirting with the Dr's. Mega double-decker owie. This is Wesley's arm. The Dr cranked on it and reset it as Read More

Not training at Red Canyon

Last weekend was a weekend off training after the epic Kokopelli adventure. A week off training is not synonymous with a week off from riding though. I sold my Scalpel and blew up the rear shock on my Epic at Kokopelli so was left only with my single Read More

Sunrise on the Kokopelli Trail

A few folks have sent me photos since the race but this one is a beauty taken shortly after sunrise by race director Mike Curiak. He caught my best side. This was a screaming fast descent down the Entrada Bluffs Road to Dewey Bridge after a long night Read More

Kokopelli Trail Race Report

That was awesome! No photos though as I didn't have room for my camera so this will be a boring text only post. I'll give the punchline first to save you from wading through my yapping. Painless version: I was 7th overall in 15 hours and 3 minutes Read More

3 days to Kokopelli Trail Race

This is my second big race of the year. It's taken planning to a new dimension because of the unsupported aspect. My bike has taken on a new look. 3 waterbottle cages and a ton of things velcroed and taped all over the place in the effort to get the weight Read More

Kokopelli Trail Race

It starts May 13th at 12:01 am at the Slickrock parking lot and 142 miles later finishes in Loma. In fact it is reaching to call it a race. There is no entry fee or waiver to sign, you just show and go. Dave and I pre-rode the course last weekend. Read More