December 2005 - Posts

Christmas frenzy

Christmas Eve was MY day. That's when I had all the fun. I lined up a baby sitter and went out mountain biking for 5 hours with two of my roadie pals who have turned to the dark-side and gotten themselves mountain bikes for Christmas. This was only the Read More

Workout of the week

Sometimes I get on a kick with one particular workout. At the moment it is this one: Watts are yellow and heart rate is in red. This is four sets of 5 X 1 minute repeats. Today the goal was to keep my watts over 300 for every rep until I either Read More

Tis the Christmas Season

The presents under our Christmas tree are a constant and taunting presence to the kids at the moment and I'm taking full advantage of the "be good or Santa will know" tactic. They were gone for a few hours today to pre-school and kindergarten - my Read More

Training Partners

Here are my two regular training partners, Wesley and Emma. They are always up for a ride and usually in a good mood - though never take pulls. The Snow Canyon park restrooms is a trip highlight, for some reason they love that. They get all mad at Read More

Watt confusion

My SRM has been telling me I'm one of the fastest ladies on a mountain bike recently so I've been on a quest to discover where this wackiness is coming from, 'cause it probably isn't my legs. I've waded through the SRM manual a few times which is a weird Read More