July 2007 - Posts

What's next?

One goal left for the year. The 24 Hour World Solo Championships. I've never been and it is time I ponied up to the start line. The goal is to win - why else go to World's?? I'm assembling an arsenal of weapons. Weapon #1 being assembled with care by Read More


From training, racing, riding, blogging and life in general. I've been gone... and gone without a bike in tow!!! A little hiking A little dancing A little one doing a little paddling Big views   Big jumps Big smiles Big adventure Read More

BC Bike Race Report

I rode my bike in Canada for 7 days in a row and had a fabulous time doing that among a herd of like minded mtb addicts. It was a great time for me. It was a slightly different race for my team mate Dave. The short story is we won stages 1-6, went into Read More