Destination Foods

I'm still infected with the SS bug. I headed over to Desert Cyclery on Friday and picked up a few new gears. I was looking forward to riding on Saturday but it rained most of Friday. I thought the trails might be too sloppy. I hate being the dork to rut up the trails by riding them wet so I fixed up my road bike. It was missing a few key parts such as a rear wheel and cassette. It felt weird to ride! It has been a long time since I have ridden road. The seat felt too high and handlebars too narrow. I headed over to the 11am group ride - nobody else showed up!! Road weenies! A little rain and they all stay home! Whaz up guys?!

Today I put a 32x19 on the SS and headed up the big Blakes climb. I am getting braver - or dumber maybe?? I've only tackled this one so far with a 32x21. I rode everything today on the 19 - very pleased with that!

Today's ride food was apple pie - yum.

Apple pie is a destination ride food. Too tough to get out the pocket while pedaling so I have to wait til the top of the climb where I stop to pull it out and eat it. I thought about that piece of apple pie often during the motivated me to get to the top. I think I'll bring more destination foods into my riding...

Eager apple pie eater...snarf...

It was chilly out today. Maybe in the 30's-40's. I was cold when I got home. Clif sent me a box of this stuff. It soooo hit the spot.

Apple pie on the ride, hot chocolate after the ride. I seem to be thinking about food a lot these days. Power-Tap clocked 2277kJ for the ride. I better go get on with my refueling now...


Published Sunday, December 02, 2007 5:39 PM by Lynda


# @ Monday, December 03, 2007 4:45 PM

Roadies never wanna get their bikes dirty.... if one ever shows its prob cuz they really are a mt. biker =)