October 2007 - Posts


To quote Curiak, "a challenge is something I'm not quite sure I can do."  This Trans Utah concept is becoming a challenge in many ways. The original concept was to have something that would make a good shakedown roughly 2 months prior to GDR.  Read More


...as in no control.  And no power meter.  Ain't the "off season" grand? This weekend there's a big group doing the White Rim.  I was going to join them but when I realized it would mean 15 hours of driving and 8 hours of riding that just Read More

My 24 Hours of Adrenaline experience

This may be taken as a rant.  It will almost certainly result in a ban from 24 hours of adrenaline events.  So be it, this story must escape... Last December I registered for their 24 hour worlds solo event.  In recovery mode from the Read More

Off the grid

What a constrast.  Last weekend was a struggle within; this weekend was a purely, deliciously, physical struggle. Post Moab recovery took about 2 days.  I built a SS out of my old Trek 9.8 hardtail - I had the parts in the garage to get it Read More


A buddy recently told me I'm too intelligent for lap racing.  Dunno bout that.  Maybe.  Perhaps everything pales in light of the intense stimulus of the dual Grand Loop experience this spring.  For now I'm going with Shane's assessment Read More

Existential delimnas in the desert

There comes a point in every 24 hour race I've done where I'm beat, and unfortunately it happens before the race is done.  For these occasions I've learned to bring apple pie.  So about 1:30 AM I came into the pit and said "pie!" and Lynda Read More

Off to the Moab Circus

OK bike racers, imagine this:  about 2 weeks into summer you sustain a season ending injury and while all your bro's are out there givin it every weekend you are in serious rehab mode.  This of course comes on the heels of another injury...about Read More


It's detail week.  Must...have...focus... Change has been the recent theme.  Change is not such a good thing for my focus, so today I'm reigning it in.  Speaking of change, St George may lie in the desert but that doesn't mean we can't Read More


Death, taxes, swallows to Capistrano and DH to 24HoM...what do these things have in common?  Right.  Like there was ever any other possibility.  I've been to that race every year in this century, ain't about to stop that trend now.  Read More

Uncertainties Pt. II

30 minutes ago I wrote:  "One thing is certain.  Come hell or high water I'm going to the 24 hours of Moab and will ride until I can't." 5 minutes ago my sister told me I have to be in Phoenix Oct 13th - for her wedding!  Apparently beyond Read More


Somebody shoot that golden pig already.  Please.  The only certainty is uncertainty. Warning:  geeky training talk and squigly lines below. EweTSS has been instrumental in keeping me in line this year.  With two big injuries it's Read More