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A mesmerizing fish story

Impressions.  That's what I'm left with in the wake of the BC Bike Race.  I'm not sure if it's from trying to take out a tree with my noggin or the sameness of much of the route...but some of the days have already blended together, while others Read More

Big Mojo on the Grand Loop

The morning of the Grand Loop Race I was relaxing in the lobby of the GJ Super 8, enjoying some "free" raisin bran and reading the paper.  I turned to the horoscope section just for fun and found this: You will have abundant energy the next few Read More

Rim Ride Moab: the new classic

As Fred W and I stood waiting for the start of Old Pueblo this year he was telling me about a different epic ride a month later in Moab.  It was hard to think of doing the RimRide 2 minutes before starting a 24 hour effort...all I could think Read More

Fantasy Island

While Lynda has done a great job of capturing the flow of the event, I'll be posting on some different aspects of TR.  If you haven't seen her posts yet check'm out! Transrockies was made for folks like Lynda and I, and since you are reading this, Read More

Canadian Cloud 9

Has anyone seen the ground?  I can't seem to find it.  TransRockies is a larger than life experience.  Even during the event it was obvious an indelible mark was being imprinted on my psyche;  it was a week without comparison Read More

KTR, moonbeams, and dead rabbits

Pre-race quote:  "Mike, I want to thank you now for organizing this race 'cause I ain't going to be thankful at the finish"    - anonymous rider to race organizer Mike Curiak 15 minutes before the midnight start of KTR. Well said Read More

Dawn 'til Dusk 12 Hour

Dang...it's been awhile since I've been here.  Part of my blog periodization plan is a transition period ;)  So...since the Nova national, I've moved back home to Durango.  It always takes me a couple of weeks to get adjusted to life Read More

Marathon Mania

The season's first NORBA marathon in Fountain Hills, AZ was a real ripper.  It turns out a lot of folks were chomping to get the season under way - the field was deeper than any marathon to date.  Without a published start list prior to the Read More

Why I suck on the road

Has anyone seen my top end?  It seems to be missing...if found, please return via the "contact me" link.  Thanks. I do on average 1 road race per year.  Yep, that's singular.  This year I'm going all out and making it two.  Yesterday Read More

24..uh..16 hours in the Old Pueblo is in the books

Glad to have this one out of the way...OP has become my annual throw away race.  This edition was no different - and again, I come away with new lessons. Expectations were high for this event.  By the numbers, fitness was at an all time high.  Read More

E100 Series Review

Boris, you are a sick, twisted, sadistic man.  Just look at these numbers: 100 MILE COURSE STATISTICSStage 1: 20.64 mi with 3472 ft. of vertical gainStage 2: 18.98 mi with 4229 ft. of vertical gainStage 3: 22.09 mi with 4204 ft. of vertical gainStage Read More