24 Hour Tips [rss]

A series of posts that reveals pretty much all I know about planning for and executing a 24 hour solo race.

The comeback trail

CTL has risen 6 points in the last week and it feels good.  It's time to plan the comeback. For the past 2 (or is it 3?) years, I've been a beta tester for EweTSS, now termed the Performance Manager as part of Cyclingpeak's WKO+ software.  Read More

Executing your first 24 solo, part 5 (training)

Part 5 addresses how to train for your first 24 solo effort.  The first 4 posts in this series are here. Yuri:  Do you do any 24 hour simulations...or just go for it?? Dave, I really appreciate all of your input on these matters and putting Read More

Executing your first 24 solo, part 4 (pacing)

Now it's time for the fun stuff.  Yuri:  Last, how do you pace yourself? Did you preride so you knew what kind of times you should be laying down, or did you just go out and base your pace off your first lap? Dave:  There are several Read More

Executing your first solo, part 3 (pits, chammies, the run)

Yuri:  How long were your pit stops? Dave:  They've been all over the map.  At Old Pueblo, they varied between 0 and 5 minutes, probably averaged about 1-2 minutes - except for the 8 hour forced stop :(  Moab was similar, quick stops Read More

Executing your first 24 solo, part 2 (lights)

Update 3/22/06:  Pivvay (Chris) has done a great write-up on DIY LED lighting.  It's a bit of work and no guarantees you will have light out in the boonies, but check it out:  http://slipangles.blogspot.com/2006/03/geek-this.html. Part Read More

Executing your first 24 solo, part 1 (nutrition)

A long time racing bud shot me an email the other day with a great set of questions on how to make his first 24 hour solo attempt a success.  It seemed like a great thing to share here...so here we go.  Don't worry Yuri, I'll send you a few Read More