December 2007 - Posts

Training camp #1

Day 1 of 08's first training camp:  Yuri cruising the secret singletrack.  St George will never become the MTB destination that Moab is cause the real gems are hidden from view.  Unmapped, unpublished.  Local knowledge required.  Read More

Something old, something new

Here's a view I never tire of. Christmas morning the family was fast asleep so I snuck out for a joyride in familiar terrain.  Not having been here for nearly 2 years, it was waaay better than expected.  On the SS, it was so new and Read More

The path to enlightenment: manic or nibbling away?

Ah, holiday time.  I always get a bit retrospective this time of year... Using all sorts of resources I've been trying to piece together that optimal picture of the perfect training and racing year.  No matter how many studies, theories, or Read More

Goat trail exorcised!

If you've done any amount of technical mountain biking you've experienced the goat trail.  No, not that winding skinny high mountain trail that heads up to where the air is rare.  Those trails are for goats, yes... but I'm talking about Read More

SS adaptations in QA

A few weeks back I posted a this QA scatter plot.  I'd been riding the SS about 2-3 weeks at this point. Here's the latest.  Both rides were on the 2:1.  The "Blakes" data is from a ~ 2500' climb with sustained grades well over 10% while Read More