August 2007 - Posts

In support of indulgence

Holy crap we leave tomorrow morning in a big ol' rented RV.  Andy, Cathleen and myself will be joining Lynda in support of her 24 hour Worlds indulgence binge.  It's all about the last minute details right now...downloading music, packing up Read More

Socially acceptable mania

The start of 24 hour Worlds is one week away.  Excitement is building, anticipation thickening, mojo rising. And I've stopped sleeping. My standard training rythms just don't fit any established norms.  In good training periods sleep Read More

Testing, testing, and more testing

In winter 05/06 I was on a quest to answer the question:  which bike is more efficient, a Trek Fuel or a Salsa Dos Niner?  It just so happens that one uses 26" wheels while the other uses 29" wheels...  These have proved to be rather Read More


Lots of adaptation going on right now - and it all seems to be coming at the speed of light. The past several years I've done blocks of high intensity training (HIT) in the winter & spring months.  The basic MO for these training periods Read More

Baby steps to the sky

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks from the time of the shattered heelbone incident.  Since it is feeling good enough to start thinking about weight bearing, I headed off to the doc for an x-ray to make sure all was well.  Since I'm in StG now, this was Read More

That desert life

No question:  I'm a desert rat.  I wasn't sure 2 weeks ago cause I don't think you can be a desert rat if you hate the desert summer...but I'm loving it.  It could be other factors...such as being able to ride outside. You read that Read More


What would we do without them? When I lived on the north side of Durango I was lucky enough to have some great neighbors.  3 guys in their 20's, athletic, each very different but all with a quick smile and positive outlook.  Gabe, China, Read More