January 2008 - Posts

The revolution has come

...and without further ado, you'll find it here:  http://2-epic.com/.  This is where Lynda and I will be sharing our journeys, ramblings, thoughts, stumblings...like all sites it's a work in progress.  We'll fill it out in time. In the Read More


Since 2001 there's this core group of guys I've been loosely training and racing with.  We've bundled our interests together, shared the enthusiasm, and made a team of it.  The name has changed over the years - Gojus, 505 Trek, HFX - but the Read More


Tomorrow is the start of a race of a different ilk:  the Togwotee Winter Classic.  This is a bike race in the mountains of Wyoming.  In January.  Dave Byers has the GPX up on the race site.  Here's what I get for the profile Read More

Camp Lynda done, over and out

It sure was nice to have ~25 folks join us for a long weekend of training.  We got to show off some of the lesser known great rides in the area along with some of the more popular ones.  Today was the finale.  The route had optional sections Read More

Camp Lynda day 1 in the books

A great group of riders showed for the first annual Camp Lynda.  Great conditions, sunny skies, good times were on the menu.  Not everyone rode the exact same route, but my stats were 56 miles6319' vert4:52 ride time338 TSS (yikes!) You've Read More

Recursive bootstrapping to form

Extreme geek alert! More than I can recall  there have been suggestions that I just toss the gears away once and forall.  Finit.  Single is simple.  Liberating.  But...it ain't gonna happen.  Here's why. Like all of us Read More

Gears: a love/hate relationship

So there I am yesterday, cruising along and feeling the gear love all the way.  Testing out the conditions for Camp Lynda day 1 things start to get a bit mucky.  Then it happened, that crunchy grinding sound every geary fears.  I stop, Read More