February 2007 - Posts

Moab meandering

The week after 24's...well they can be an exercise in patience, but not this one.  I was  trashed for 2 days then suddenly felt great.  That can mean only one thing in late Feb:  it's time to get on over to Moab. There's an Read More

"It's my turn" (updated!)

That's what Levi said to Voigt yesterday after nailing the TT win in the ToC.  Levi has been super confident and not afraid to show it.  He is looking more like a champion than ever right now.  There's something to be said for being backed Read More


Being goal driven alters the experience, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.  Seeking a destination can get in the way of the journey.  It's a delicate balance. For those of us in the inner circle of ultra endurance sports, Adam reminds Read More

Old Pueblo, '07

So the first race of the year has come and gone.  I had a good, conservative plan that panned out in the end.  I could write another zillion word essay on another race and even started to do so, but other events have transpired to take the wind Read More

Vision quest, '07

There's been a current theme hitting me hard the past few weeks - vision.  Last year at OP I basically went blind for 8 hours.  There is a certain entertainment value in riding off course and not even knowing it, you find yourself in some interesting Read More

Full public disclosure

I was recently accused of being super stealth.  The reality is I've just been to busy to blog...and is overtraining that interesting anyway?  So here comes a random sampling of all the stuff I've been meaning to catch up on. First off, dump Read More

The power of green

No, not that kinda green...and for once, not that kind of power either...well kinda sorta but not really ;) Thanks to Jeff Kerkove, Lynda & I are going to be riding and testing the Ergon product line for '07.  I picked up some grips before Read More

That was a big weekend

Quickie post.  More with pics to come. Chris P couldn't get out of the icy grip of the front range, so it was some big solo MTB time in the desert for me.  Sat I ditched the road loop and opted for a new (to me, and based on the lack of tracks Read More

A weekend in Abbey country

It's time to let the cows outta the barn one more time, letting them roam far and wide across the mesas, mountains and canyons of SE Utah.  Day 1 is this route below.  It's got some of everything and is prolly my favorite 105 miles of mostly Read More