December 2005 - Posts

26" or 29"???

Oh, that's a tough one.  But in the end sponsorship arrangements made the decision for me...the team is sponsored by Trek & Gary Fisher.  Trek doesn't yet make 29ers, and GF 29ers, although super fun really are better for trail riding, not Read More

Winter quarters

While the majority of cyclists turn to winter sports this time of year, or worse ride their bikes through the winter months (hi Mitch!)...I like to fly south for the winter.  Call me soft if you will, but trust me I've logged plenty of snowbound Read More

E100 Series Review

Boris, you are a sick, twisted, sadistic man.  Just look at these numbers: 100 MILE COURSE STATISTICSStage 1: 20.64 mi with 3472 ft. of vertical gainStage 2: 18.98 mi with 4229 ft. of vertical gainStage 3: 22.09 mi with 4204 ft. of vertical gainStage Read More

Elite BMX

And now for something totally different:  Jens Westergren is researching BMX power requirements and has some data to share as well.  Below is a chart of his data and some of his comments/questions: ---------------------------------------------------- Read More

Fast Track 29er tire first impressions

If you don't ride & race a 29er this post will make abolutely no sense to you.  You've been warned. Tire selection for 29er race tires is limited at best.  Switching over to tubeless 6 years ago was a big performance improvement.  Read More

These are fast!

Getting psyched 24 lb Dos niner just lost half a pound.  The big S just released their new Fast Track 29er tire.  Can you say excited?  Can't wait to try these rippers out down in the warm desert southwest... Read More


Durango's got it. Last night the FLC concert hall was the place of a cycling fundraiser multimedia show and auction hosted by none other than Bob Roll.  The first part of the show highlighted several local cyclists and cycling related organizations.  Read More

29er news from Trek & Gary Fisher

Guitar Ted spent yesterday at the Trek university (?) in Iowa.  He shared some exciting news for the 29er crowd, check it!. Read More

Building for Old Pueblo

It's December 13 and Durango finally got some of the white stuff.  It's been the first year I recall that you could ride your MTB all the way to December.  It's been great, but oh man the Nordic and Alpine folks are jonesin. According to my Read More

Meet the Fergusons!

Fergy is back in town and he arrives with a new ride for '06: check it out! I'd advise getting out of his way this year :) Read More

Thank you sir, may I have another!

Ma nature scuttled plans for the Kokopelli trail recon so it turned out to be a double white rim weekend.  Questionable at best...the weather was rough, the drive from D town to hole-in-the-rock looked like this: The holy ground (or is that hell?) Read More